Josh Mabrey

Josh Mabrey

 Joplin, Missouri, USA

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter with meaningful lyrics and catchy hooks, Looping and cover improvisation makes for great live shows.


"I love music, and great songs that people love to listen to and sing. Those are the songs I try to write. I also dont want a big third person bio that sells me like a new car and acts like I've basically done everything and played everywhere because I haven't. I love playing live and usually use a loop pedal to build a song made of samples live in front of the audience. Live songs are a rare thing to put on EPK's but I like to include them, they give the listener a chance to hear what a show may sound like. In the Digital age the feat of sounding anything like your recording is a rare thing for many artists and I think something to be proud of."

Josh M.


Another Day

Written By: Josh Mabrey

Here I go again
losing one more friend
And its always a fight
to make through tonight
But I wont let it show
cause inside I know

Its easy to not care
about trivial affairs
And I cant let it show
that I'm not letting go

Wrapped up in this
cause Its you I miss
But through this pain
there's another day

One more night alone
and I'm drowning
You wont pick up the phone
and I'm doubting us

Its easy to not care
when your not aware
Of what you put me through
But I still miss you


And we can try
put it all behind
if you will stay



Josh Mabrey 4 song EP-2000, "Don't Know Why" top 10 on
Josh Mabrey 4 song EP-2004, "No way out" airplay on station 105.1 KSDL
KIXX Country Missouri State Fair Budweiser True Music Roadhouse Demo Contest Winner

Set List

Typically a mixture of my songs, some standard and others random. Anywhere from 30min to 90min and longer or shorter depending on the venue or show's need's. Possibly a cover or two or many if the gig calls for it.