Josh Mayo & Dain North

Josh Mayo & Dain North


Josh Mayo & Dain North is a combination of rock, jazz, reggae, soul, blues, funk, fusion. You can hear a lot of their influences, yet at the same time understand what separates them from any other artist. Just listen and judge for yourself.


As an eclectic duo formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in the Fall of 2003, Josh Mayo and Dain North are ready to emerge as a large-scale touring act. Both have established a unique sound as well as a commanding stage presence. The two have played with but is not limited to such acts as Fighting Gravity, Seven Nations, Andy Waldeck, Sam Bush, and Curtis Burch. Their music is a mix of rock, jazz, reggae, soul, funk, blues, and fusion with many crowd-pleasing covers to keep a party flowing. Josh Mayo who currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina hails from Charlottesville, Virginia where he has been performing for 17 years. He has a unique playing style blended with beautiful vocals which equals a surreal musical experience. The C'ville Weekly says Josh Mayo is "The cure for what ails you." Dain North who currently resides and hails from Charlottesville, Virginia has been performing for 20 years. He has a unique saxophone technique that many say incorporates a little of the jazz greats in musical history as well as some of today's modern saxophonist, all a while still producing his own musical flavor.


Josh Mayo/The Bubble
Keepin' It Simple (EP)
M. E. (Modern Epic debut album advance)
Josh Mayo & Dain North (demo with streaming audio on

Set List

1st Set (1-1.5 hours)

Back To Stone (Original)
22 (Original)
Sugargirl (Original)
Stuck In The Middle (Cover)
Just My Imagination (Cover)
Backstabber (Original)
Will I (Original)
Maryjane (Cover)
Game (Original)
Can't You See (Cover)