Josh McKinney

Josh McKinney


Josh McKinney's music is entertaining and thought-provoking, dealing with real issues and real thoughts that people deal with. The lyrics are filled with meaning and leave the listener both encouraged and challenged to grow in their Christian walk.


Josh McKinney was born and raised in the Denver Metro area of Colorado. Josh was drawn to music at an early age and could be found during trips listening to Michael W. Smith, D.C. Talk, or Newsboys with his headphones strapped to his head and singing at the top of his lungs.

He first took a step into leading worship during high school and began leading worship for his high school Sunday School as well as a Christian Organization that he helped start at his high school.

His love of music continued to develop and he began writing original songs in college. Throughout his college career he performed at led worship at various venues throughout the Kansas City area.

After college he spent time in Missouri, Virginia, and Florida, where he currently resides as the Worship Pastor of Legacy Church in Groveland, FL.

Since venturing into the music field Josh has had the opportunity to perform or lead worship at many locations throughout Colorado, Missouri, Virginia and Florida.

Perhaps what sets him apart from many other bands or musicians is his message, passion and vulnerability. Many of his lyrics convey the hurts, joys, hopes and fears of his life. He does so hoping to connect with and encourage others who go through the same things. He also speaks into peoples lives throughout his time of performing or leading worship. His passion and enthusiasm is evident through his music and voice and is noticeably genuine.


Josh has yet to release his music in a professionally made CD, though he has recorded and distributed around 20 of his songs acoustically or with a full band.

Set List

When leading worship Josh typically will do covers for a majority of the music, but will also incorporate some of his original worship music.

When performing Josh does almost all original music, with one or two covers mixed in (typically a selection from artists such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and Aaron Shust).

Josh has done and is comfortable with a set length of anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour when playing acoustically.