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Josh Mease


The Boston Globe has called Josh Mease's self-titled debut an "infectious collection of shimmering pop songs." By mixing innovative, catchy melodies with unexpected progressions and instruments, Josh's music is proof that music can be original and unique without losing its accessibility.


Imagine a world where colors are a little bit brighter and the sky looks like a million Lite Brites. This is the world of Josh Mease. A singer/songwriter living in Brooklyn, Josh writes unique songs that have been praised for their originality and melodic beauty. Imagine a combination of Stevie Wonder, Wes Anderson, M. Ward, The Muppets, Cole Porter, Silent Film Scores, JoÃo Gilberto, and Willie Nelson, to name a few.

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Josh Mease's recent self-titled album is a cross section of the oddities living in his brain - from Bossa Nova-tinged grooves ("Keep Me Warm") and summery-swing singalongs ("Days Like This") to pensive, atmospheric pieces ("Illusion") and a Nintendo-inspired experiment ("Baby Brown Eyes"). The album displays both his imaginative songwriting and instrumentation as well as his diverse musical influences. Top it off with a voice that hints at what might happen if Chet Baker got it on with all four Beatles.

The peculiar musical journey of Josh Mease began when he was growing up in Houston, Texas. As an only child, Josh spent much of his youth with just his parent's record collection to keep him company. At the tender age of 11, he was writing, singing and recording songs on a 4-track in his bedroom mostly to entertain his friends when they came over to play. By the time Josh was in high school he had, a bit obsessively, jumped headlong into studying guitar. This eventually brought him to New York City, where he studied jazz at the New School. It wasn't until he was in his early twenties that he dusted off the old 4-track and started singing songs again.

Josh's music has earned praise from the likes of Blue Note recording artist Jason Moran, and the Boston Globe has described his album as "an infectious collection of shimmering pop songs." Currently, Josh is busy playing throughout the Northeast with a band of like-minded musicians.


Self-Titled Album (2007)

Set List

Set lists consist of Josh's original songs with possibly one or two covers. Typically, covers are country or pop songs, but it varies with each show.