Josh Mercer

Josh Mercer


Josh Mercer crafts a unique blend of coffee rock - a full-bodied brew of rock'n'roll with indie overtones, a hint of country, and an aromoa of folk. Music suitable for contemplation over a dark roast of coffee, and is something you can tap your foot to.


Josh Mercer seeks to make music for the heart, soul, and mind. Mercer picked up the guitar when he found insufficient time (and space) to practice trumpet while in college. Not long after, he began crafting songs solely for himself. Three years later he finally let his songs be heard, and has been playing them out since. His influences are vast - musically they come from Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Miles Davis and many more. But Mercer is also influenced through literature, poetry, mathematics, and life generally.


No Gold

Written By: Josh Mercer

She looks through the pane
as the sunlight hits the ground
casting shadows thick and thin
of nobody around.
The sunlight takes its toll,
under Western Texas skies
the dignity of years
etched deftly in her eyes.

"There ain't no gold
at the end of any rainbow.
No, there ain't no gold for me."

Her words are a match
and tears begin to fall -
a snow in a winter
you never expected at all -
a husband who works late
children who left home
the dreams unfullfuilled
could fill a giant tome.

A mighty rushing sound,
a wind you could not feel,
swept into the room
showing wounds that would not heal.

"There ain't no gold
at the end of any rainbow.
No, there ain't no gold for me."


Live Demo 2008
...these lonely nights Demo EP (2005)

Set List

Josh Mercer can play any length from half an hour to two hours of solely original music. With covers, he can cover longer periods. A typical 45 minute set might be:

Buggin's Turn
Prince Charming
A Thing or Two
Can't Take It Back
All Our Secrets
Climb into this Ark
Days In Between
No Gold
Dreams Come True
Care To Guess?