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Josh Milan

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos


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Selected discography of Josh Milan

Spiritually Speaking (Then and Now) – Blaze – West End (2006)
Soulheaven Presents Blaze – Blaze – Soulheaven Records (2005)
Blaze Presents Underground Dance Artists United For Life – Keep Hope Alive – Blaze – King Street Sounds (2004)
The Instrumentals Project – Papa Records (2004)
Found Love – Blaze – Slip ‘n’ Slide (2004)
The Prologue LP – Blaze – Public Service Records (2004)
Spiritually Speaking – Blaze – Slip ‘n’ Slide (2002)
Natural Blaze – Blaze – Life Line (2001)
Blaze Productions – Blaze – Urban (1999)
My Beat – Blaze feat. Palmer Brown – Slip ‘n’ Slide (1998)
Basic Blaze – Blaze – Slip ‘n’ Slide (1997)
25 Years Later – Blaze – Motown (1990)

Singles & EPs
Your Body - Josh Milan – Honeycomb Music (2011)
Stay With Me - Kenny Dope feat. Josh Milan - Dope Wax (2011)
‘Til You Go Home - Josh Milan feat. Chinah Blac – Honeycomb Music (2010)
Love Remains The Same – Luisito Quintero feat. Blaze – Vega Records (2007)
Back Up – Blaze/[re:jazz] – INFRAcom! (2007)
Joshua’s Jam – Louie & Blaze – Vega Records (2006)
Most Precious Love (Remixes) – Blaze – Defected (2006)
The Rising Sun – Studio Apartment feat. Blaze – New World Records (2006)
Amazing Love – Kay Rush feat. Joshua Milan – Time Records (2006)
With You – Big Moe Records (2006)
All About Love – Catalan & Sven Love feat. Blaze – Kif Recordings (2006)
S.U.M.O. Rebounces – Album Sampler Part 1 – Blaze – HEYA HIFI (2005)
Here With Me – Blaze - Life Line (2005)
Gloria’s Muse (The Yoga Song) – Blaze – West End Records (2005)
Wonderful Place – Blaze – SuSU (2005)
Hideaway – EMI/Virgin (2005)
Most Precious Love (Part One) – Blaze presents UDA feat. Barbara Tucker – Defected (2005)
I’m Happy/I Won’t Complain – Blaze/Jazmina – Ace Beat Records (2004)
A Song For Nina (Keep The Faith) – Blaze – West End Records (2004)
Found Love – Blaze - West End Records (2004)
Sunshine – Louie Vega presents Blaze & Raul Midon – Vega Records (2004)
Love Is On The Way – Louie Vega feat. Blaze – Vega Records (2004)
We Are One – Blaze – King Street Sounds (2003)
Trip Do West – Blaze / Bethany Yarrow – RHYTHMiX (2003)
I Think Of You – Blaze feat. Amira – Slip ‘n’ Slide (2003)
Wonderland – Blaze – BAAS Recordings (2002)
Brand New Day – Little Louie Vega feat. Blaze – MAW Records (2002)
Better Dayz – Blaze – Life Line (2002)
House Nation 230 – Blaze/De’Lacy – DMC (2002)
A Moment In Time (Part 1) – Blaze – 157 Shelter Records (2002)
A Moment In Time (Part 2) – Blaze – 157 Shelter Records (2002)
When I Fall In Love – Blaze feat. Sybil – Kickin Records (2002)
How Deep Is Your Love – Blaze – 157 Shelter Records (2002)
Breathe – Blaze – Slip ‘n’ Slide (2002)
Do You Remember House? – Blaze feat. Palmer Brown – Slip ‘n’ Slide (2002)
House Nation 221 – Blaze, Lionrock, Blondie – DMC (2001)
Blaze Production Presents James Toney Jr. Project – Lovely Ones – Blaze – Life Line (2001)
Shine – Blaze & Palmer Brown – Nite Grooves (2001)
Blaze Presents Cassio – Paradise – Blaze – Playhouse (2001)
Blaze Presents Cassio Ware – Fantasy – Blaze – Playhouse (2001)
Jump 4 Luv – Blaze & Palmer Brown – Nite Grooves (2001)
Elevation – Blaze – Life Line (2000)
Home Is Where The Heart Is – Blaze – 157 Shelter Records (2000)
Elements of Life – Louie Vega feat. Blaze – MAW Records (2000)
Don’t Give A Shhhh – Ruffneck feat. Yavahn & Joshua Milan – Cutting Edge (1999)
More Than Gold – Blaze – Nite Grooves (1998)
Cult of Soul – Blaze – Slip ‘n’ Slide (1998)
Directions Part 1 – Blaze – Spiritual Life Music (1998)
Seasons of Love – Blaze – Nite Grooves (1998)
Space Sampler – Blaze, Furry Phreaks, Erasure – Slip ‘n’ Slide (1998)
Directions – Blaze - Spiritual Life Music (1997)
Feel The Music – Blaze feat. Alexander Hope – 157 Shelter Records (1997)
Love Comes Around – Blaze – Simplex (1996)
The Colour Funky EP (A Music Perspective) – Blaze – Funky People (1996)
Now You Got It (Keep On Do’in It) – The Backroom feat. Cheri Williams – Strictly Rhythm (1996)
What Can U Do – Blaze – 157 Shelter Records (1996)
Trans-Jazz EP – Blaze – Simplex Records (1996)
Fly Away – Blaze – 157 Shelter Records (1995)
Happy Day – Blaze – Sumo Records (1995)
The Blaze Tracks EP – Blaze – Nuphonic (1995)
Brothers & Sisters – Blaze feat. Alexander Hope – Music USA (1995)
Dancing – Blaze – 157 Shelter Records (1994)
#6 Hubert St. – Blaze – Sumo Records (1994)
Live The Happy Life – Blaze – Sumo Reocrds (1994)
Just A Little Different – Blaze - Polar Cap (1994)
Why Can’t We Live Together – Blaze feat. Hunter Hayes – 157 Shelter Records (1993)
So Special – Blaze – Motown (1990)
We Must All Live Together – Blaze – Motown (1990)
Can’t Win For Losin’ – Blaze – Republic Records (1988)
If You Should Need A Friend – Blaze – Quark (1986)
Watcha Gonna Do – Blaze – Quark (1986)
Yearnin’ – Blaze – Ace Beat Records (1985)

And so much more.



Josh Milan’s music career started with a single moment. Milan was a mere twelve years old when he saw an opportunity to show off his skill on the organ and, without a second’s hesitation, he took it. The Brooklyn native made a habit of sitting near his cousin, the church organist, each and every Sunday. “Instead of sitting down where normal people sit in the church, I sat next to him and watched his every move,” Milan recalls. One Sunday, his cousin was so moved by the energy in the church that he jumped up from his perch and began dancing, leaving the organ completely unmanned. Like a passenger jumping behind the wheel of a runaway car, Milan took his place at the organ and played like he’d never played before. “I’ll never forget that feeling,” says Milan who today serves as minister of music for his church. “It was spiritual for me because you’re taught to give what you have back unto God. I jumped on that organ and my heart was racing. Not only was I trying to keep the music playing for the moment, but I also knew God was watching. I was trying to give Him my absolute best. That was the beginning for me.”

Milan would go on to team up with deejay Kevin Hedge and singer Chris Herbert to form the group Blaze, a band that became known for its unique brand of house music laced with heavy gospel, soul and afrobeat rhythms. “You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t famous,” Milan gushes. “I’d listen to the radio and hear them play a Michael Jackson record and then they’d play a Blaze record.” Blaze released three albums on Motown Records and drew the attention of the industry with their remix of Lisa Stansfield’s “People Hold On.” They also worked with such notables as Diana Ross, Babyface, El DeBarge and Jody Watley. His catalog totals over two-hundred published works, making it the largest catalog produced by any single entity in the genre.

Having long since parted ways with both members, Milan is now making the transition from artist to label executive with the launch of Honeycomb Music, a record label specializing in house music. Milan said his goal with the label is to preserve the genre and heighten its awareness amongst the masses. “House music is looked upon as gay music because the gay community really embraces it. Radio stations don’t really play it. But this music is not just for gay audiences. That’s like saying all black people eat watermelon but it’s not true.”
Milan said his aim through Honeycomb is to restore the integrity and quality of house music. “I remember house before it became so electronic and techy,” he notes. “Now it has evolved into something foreign. It’s so cheap and guys are doing records who don’t even know what a real chord is. All you have to do is press a couple of buttons and write a couple of lines and you’ve got a record.”

Milan said the music released by Honeycomb will hearken to the days of Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, and Eddie Kendrick and he stressed that the label will focus less on physical appearances and gimmicks and more on lyrical content, musicianship and banging vocals. “There is such a need for real talent,” he says. “It seems like a requirement is that you have to be under 30, have a knocking body and you have to have some talent – minimal talent. The songs are always so meaningless. Nobody’s life is being changed, nobody’s being inspired. Honeycomb Music is a home for real artists with real talent, people with something special. Moving talent is what I’m after.” Even though he has now expanded his audience beyond the congregation of his church, Milan knows that God is still watching him and just like that twelve-year-old boy who seized the moment some 30 years ago, Milan is still giving God his absolute best and striving to make music that is true to his upbringing and consistent with his own creative and moral standards. “When I write, not only do I have God in mind but I have children in my life that I have a responsibility to. If I’m not going to write a song that has everything to do with spirituality, I try to at least make it inspiring or positive so that everyone can listen to it. Even if it’s about an affair it has to be moral and true because it relates to an experience that someone can benefit from.”

Milan, who is also working on a new CD of his own, says making the transition from artist to executive is a bit “frightening” but he’s looking forward to it, nonetheless. “As an artist I’ve achieved some major success. People have been inspired. Now I want to do that on a larger level and touch people’s lives and inspire them to change the world themselves.” He is currently in the studio working on his forthcoming album and collaborating with artists such as David Morales, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, and Philip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire.