Josh O'Connor

Josh O'Connor


Josh O'Connor combines elements of Sade, Roxy Music, Simply Red and Smashing Pumpkins. Josh is backed by three seasoned music vets who have performed with Blueman Group and have #1 songs to their credit. Jason Cupp (Evanescence, Avril Lavigne) produces the group. Shows with Mix 94.1.


Josh O'Connor is an up & coming Las Vegas artist whose vocal talent and songwriting skills combine the fantasy of Sade and Roxy Music with the soul of Simply Red and the drive of Smashing Pumpkins. Josh is backed by three seasoned music vets who are no strangers to big stages and success. Anthony Parrulli (drums) performs as a Blueman in the Blueman Group, Charles Henry (lead guitar) performs in the Blueman Group band, and Magnus (bass) has graced the airwaves at #1 with his previous band and has shared the stage Ozzy, Greenday, and Filter to name a few. In the studio, Jason Cupp (Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Finch) dials in the sound and has backed this group from the jump. Recent attention through Mix 94.1 has landed this group a slot at this year's Bite of Las Vegas hosted by Mix 94.1 and includes bands Collective Soul, Better Than Ezra, Josh Kelley, and Jem. The buzz has reached Artist Development Company A&R Worldwide (Mike Savage) and a radio campaign is slated for Nov. 2005.

Josh O'Connor was born in Berlin, Germany and was raised in Chicago, Illinois. Technically trained on saxophone, Josh also picked up the guitar in high school and later went on to write songs and play rhythm guitar for his college band "Current Resident". After two years at the University of Illinois pursuing a major in Aeronautical Engineering and a semester at Columbia College in the music program, Josh made the move west to Las Vegas where he began playing out as a solo act. It was there that Josh met a talented bass player named Magnus, who has had a number #1 song in Cleveland with his previous band and has opened for bands like Greenday, Filter, Ozzy, and the Scorpions. Both moved to Huntington Beach, California to further pursue music and formed the band "Mad Planet". After the break up of the band, Josh made his way up to Hollywood where he lived for a year and a half. During this period, Josh met Stacey Dodds of Chalice Recording Studios . Stacey offered to help Josh record some demos and brought in his friend Jason Cupp of Ocean Studios to assist with the production. Josh asked Anthony Parrulli, a drummer and Blue Man in the Blue Man Group, to play drums for the sessions and Magnus to play the bass parts. Magic was captured. The three felt good about the music and decided to take things further. The addition of Charles Henry on lead guitar has completed the band and all four members now currently live in Las Vegas.


Victorian EP - 4 tracks
1. Weight of the World
2. Victorian
3. Face Your Hands
4. Get You Here

Haywire - Single
1. Haywire
2. Say Goodbye

Set List

We currently have a solid 12 songs set of all originals.
1. The Jazzy Guy
2. Weight of the World
3. Leavin Town
4. Haywire
5. Now
6. Victorian
7. On Top of the World
8. Get You Here
9. Shatter
10. Shadow
11. Face Your Hands
12. Say Goodbye

Total running time is 1 hour