Joshua Westbrook

Joshua Westbrook

 Jonesboro, Georgia, USA

My music is influenced by all of the great artists of the past to include drummers such as Rick Allen of Def Leppard to John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. I dont limit myself to one particular genre or style. I like to keep my options and influences as open as possible.


My name is Joshua Westbrook. For as long as I can remember, music has been a major part of my life. I guess its safe to say that ever since I was a kid, Ive always known that being a musician is what Ive wanted to do. I realized right away, however, how certain people felt about that. Yes, even a child can understand what adults mean when he or she hears them talking about musicians who get strung out on drugs and hanging out in the gutter; sleeping around and whatnot.

Thank GOD, I was too young to know to get discouraged from all that I was hearing people say about musicians and the life of a musician. I loved it too much and was having WAY too much fun. I loved the place that music and arts took me. Simply put (without detail), music saved my life.

I started playing drums when I was 3 years old and havent stopped since. I just fell in love with something about it; Im still not quite sure what it is, except for how it makes me feel. Writing music is also something that I fell in love with several years later. I do NOT consider myself to be any type of virtuoso, but Ill tell anyone that its as honest as it gets and I love what I write, and feel truly blessed to do what I do.

Ive been inspired by many different types of people, both musically and in life in general by their talents, gifts and purposes. Its all one love as far as Im concerned.

I have toured and/or recorded with Lifehouse, Chunk Dingler, Melanie Susuras, Star 69, Bloated Dogs, Take This, Tequila Mokingbird, Evanston Street, Orion, Jonestown Punch, Ryan Tracy Band, Mike Motisko, Remington Way, Midnight Rose, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Wendy Washburn, Gregg Allan, Hills Rolling, Primitive Radio Gods, and many others.

Since 1997 I have recorded two records with Tequila Mockingbird (one gold), which have produced 2 top 100 hits including the hit "Should Have"! I was part of this process since day one; playing countless showcases with the band and recording all of the demos for Free Reelin Music in Denver, CO.

I have also recorded over 10 studio and 5 live albums for various major and indie label artists in Georgia and Colorado since 1997.

From 2003-2006 I was the drummer of the band Evenston Street whose top 10 hit, "Waiting" is still a re-current favorite. I visited 14 states while touring with the band, visited every radio station and experienced all of the trappings of a popular touring act. I frequently record with the world's greatest songwriters like: Victoria Barnhill, Adam Calhoun, Terri Clark.

My grooves are also heard daily on satellite radio networks. My drumming skills were refined by the talents of classic drummer Steve Smith from 1990-2000. This amazing 'classical' training, combined with my 'street' experience make for a great combination on studio and on stage. An intense knowledge of styles and knowing 'what is right for the song', as well as highly developed reading skills and extreme versatility on all of the percussion instruments make for a 'one stop shopping' experience for producers, artists, songwriters and bands. I am also a clinician sponsored by Tama, Zildjian, Paiste, Vic Firth. My teachings/clinics focus on the musical, mental and business skills necessary for success in the music business.

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Jonestown Punch - Out West (1996). Drums.
Orion - Snow (1997). Drums & Percussion
Evanston Street - ST (2001). Drums & Percussion
Tequila Mockingbird - Wonderful (2003). Drums.
Take This - A Beautiful Memory (2004). Drums.

Set List

This information will be updated when I locate a band for live performance.