Josh Roberts

Josh Roberts


Josh Roberts is making a name for himself as an artist on the rise. This Oklahoma-born singer/songwriter has a passion for live performance that shows every time he takes the stage.



Josh Roberts is a pop/rock artist from Norman, Oklahoma.

“I love that songs can capture these moments we have all lived at one time or another, whether it’s happy, sad, or sexy. These are some of mine.” Josh’s most recent studio project “Strong Enough,” samples his different sides as a writer. From fun and groovy “make you move” songs to power-ballads of letting go, Roberts is finding his own personal style, and taking listeners along for the ride. “Strong Enough” is available on iTunes.

Since the age of 19, Josh has shared the stage with fellow Pop/Rock acts including Graham Colton and Vertical Horizon and showcased with the likes of Five Times August and Howie Day. Josh currently works out of Nashville, TN.

“I had a handful of artists that I liked listening to when I was younger. I would find an artist or album that I liked and over-indulge on it. Their album would pretty much be on repeat for weeks at a time, whether it was Vince Gill or Michael Jackson.”



Strong Enough EP

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