Josh Roberts & The Hinges

Josh Roberts & The Hinges


Josh Roberts and the Hinges play rock n roll. Raw and uncompromising with country, blues, punk and soul in the mix and dirty guitars contrasting with beautiful harmonies, the debut album 'The Sugar Bird Test' is a big chunk of the real thing.


In 1999 Roberts founded Captain Easy and, alongside co-writer Ryan Monroe, led the Columbia, SC band to a place as one of the South's most loved and respected groups. Prior to their amicable parting on New Year's Eve 2004/05, they toured extensively and produced the following independent releases:

"Greatest Hits" - full length, 2001

"Picture Perfect World" - full length, 2003

"It Was Cold: Live at the Newberry Opera Houseā€ - concert DVD, 2004

Soundtrack to the documentary film "Drive," by director Rand Courtney

Subsequently, Josh played lead guitar for nationally renowned singer/songwriter Danielle Howle. He appears with her on "The Sound the Hare Heard," a compilation by Kill Rock Stars Records (2006), and continues to collaborate with Danielle.

Roberts' new band, Josh Roberts and the Hinges, formed in early 2005 and immediately began touring and recording. Debut album "The Sugar Bird Test" was released in September 2005 to excellent reviews, good sales, and strong positive reaction. Josh and the band continue to tour and do soundtrack work, and are looking forward to releasing a new album in the fall of 2006.


The Sugar Bird Test