Josh Roseman's JRU, Constellations and King Froopy Allstars

Josh Roseman's JRU, Constellations and King Froopy Allstars


EXTENDED CONSTELLATIONS is an all-star modern big band led by renowned trombonist JOSH ROSEMAN. This 12-piece avant jazz/dub supergroup features edgy creative voices from Brooklyn's new jazz scene, and offers new works commissioned by SFJazz, La Scala (Milan), NYC's Jazz Gallery, and more.



As a celebrated trombonist, project organizer, producer, and educator, JOSH ROSEMAN has recorded and toured with progressive jazz luminaries like Dave Holland, Dave Douglas, Steve Coleman, Don Byron, John Zorn, and countless others. He is also known for his work with artists as diverse as Medeski Martin & Wood, Soulive, Charlie Hunter, The Roots, Mike Gordon, Sean Lennon, Meshell Ndegeocello, Cibo Matto, the Skatalites, and the Groove Collective & Brooklyn Funk Essentials, of which he is a founding member. As a bandleader, he has explored everything from pop and avant-garde [Cherry, 2001] to hip hop and jazz fusion [Treats for the Nightwalker, 2005] to live avant-jazz turned dub remix disc [New Constellations: Live in Vienna, 2007]. In every context, he consistently projects a distinctive voice, boundless vision, and kaleidoscopic approach to music.

New album "Extended Constellations" forthcoming in 2009.


"Jazz players with great chops and a personal sound are a dime a dozen these days. What Roseman...brings to the table is rarer by far: vision. 'Treats for the Nightwalker' is overflowing with it." - KEVIN CONVEY, BOSTON HERALD

"[Roseman] will most definitely make an indelible mark on 21st century jazz." - NILS JACOBSON, ALL ABOUT JAZZ


Josh Roseman is a New York based trombonist, project organizer, composer and producer.

He has worked with a wide range of improvising artists, including John Zorn, Dave Douglas' Sextet, Dave Holland's Grammy-winning Big Band, Steve Coleman, Don Byron, Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy, Uri Caine's Mahler Ensemble, the SFJAZZ Collective, Steve Turre, Ron Blake and Oliver Lake.

Roseman is also known for his work with creative electric artists Me'Shell NdegeOcello, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Soulive, Charlie Hunter, the Roots, Cibo Matto, Mike Gordon, Sean Lennon, the Skatalites, and the Groove Collective & Brooklyn Funk Essentials, of which he was a founding member.

Roseman's electric quintet, the JRU, has headlined at the Berlin Jazztage, the Zurich Jazz festival, Jazz Wilisau, Jazz Coutances, the Nijmegen festival and elsewhere. His other projects include an acoustic quintet, an improvising trombone ensemble, an eight piece avant-ska & reggae ensemble and a new 11 piece big band. He has also appeared as a featured soloist with international artists such as Bojan Z (a French-serbian piano virtuoso and winner of the 2005 European Jazz prize,) John Aram & the Geneva Downtown Orchestra, the Chris Hale Ensemble (a chamber trio in Melbourne, Australia,) and with Italian composer/pianist Riccardo Fassi.

Roseman's three solo albums were recorded in cooperation with ENJA records. They include Cherry, an "ironic" rock-jazz recording, Treats For the Nightwalker and New Constellations. Treats for the Nightwalker is a forward- thinking funk concept album featuring the contributions of twenty musicians and an improvising string section. The album was featured on NPR, in Downbeat, Jazztimes and has received accolades in the London Guardian, Germany's JAZZTHING, German Rolling Stone, the Suddeutche Zeitung, Musica Jazz (Italy), and elsewhere.

New Constellations is a neo-Carribean live remix album recorded onstage at Joe Zawinul's Birdland in Vienna and reinterpreted in New York City. It's a recent release which stretches the use of production technology, and it has received high critical marks from journalists worldwide:

"Surpassing orthodox reinterpretations by embracing the polyphony of free jazz and the experimental studio remixing of dub, Roseman's tribute is innovative, yet respectful. Blending dub traditions like echo, reverb and split-channel processing with a live concert recording results in a surreal psychedelic sound world where nothing is quite as it seems." (T. Collins, All About Jazz, 2007)

Roseman is active as a trombone & improvisation coach, he has instructed at the New School for Social Research, NYU, the Harlem School for the Arts and at the Banff Centre in Alberta Canada. He lives in both Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Palo Alto, CA, where he's developing a cooperative production and performance facility, and a curatorial series, respectively.


As a leader:

Cherry (2001)
Treats for the Nightwalker (2003)
New Constellations: Live in Vienna (2007)
Extended Constellations (2009, forthcoming)

As a sideman (partial):

Don Byron - "Plays The Music of Mickey Katz" (1993)
Medeski, Martin & Wood - "It's A Jungle In Here" (1993)
Dave Douglas - "In Our Lifetime" (1995)
Groove Collective - "We The People" (1996)
The Roots - "Iladelph Halflife" (1996)
Sheryl Crow (1996)
Sean Lennon - "Into The Sun" (1998)
Uri Caine - "Urlicht/Primal Light" (1998)
Cibo Matto - "Stereotype A" (1999)
Uri Caine - "Sidewalks Of New York: Tin Pan Alley" (1999)
Charlie Hunter (2000)
John Zorn - "Cobra" (2002)
Best of Groove Collective (2004)
Dave Holland Big Band - "Overtime" (2005)
Peter Apfelbaum - "It Is Written" (2005)
SF Jazz Collective (2005)
Charlie Hunter - "Steady Groovin': The Blue Note Groove Sides" (2005)
Ron Blake - "Sonic Tonic" (2005)
James Carney Group - "Greenwood" (2007)
Barney McAll - "Flashbacks" (2009)

Set List

EXTENDED CONSTELLATIONS -- all-star modern big band, avant jazz / dub extravaganza
Featuring some of the most creative voices from the new jazz scene in Brooklyn, this 12-piece supergroup embraces dubcraft and avant-jazz strategy. Having recently returned from performances in Italy, Geneva, and elsewhere in Switzerland, the band also offers entirely new works commissioned by SFJazz, the Downtown Geneva Orchestra, the "Dancehall Symphony" for La Scala in Milan, and now, NYC's Jazz Gallery via the Jerome Foundation.