Josh Royse

Josh Royse


accoustic based rock music out of california


Josh Royse grew up in the flat lands of Oklahoma in a small town not even worthy of being listed on the map. Here he found his High School sweetheart who eventually defined the majority of his passionate lyrics. Josh tried exercising his hidden vocal and writing talents by spending most of his time in his basement at home recording music on plastic computer mics, and learned simple guitar chords by ear on his cheap cherry red Ibanez.

To this day, Josh has had absolutely no guitar or vocal lessons, but he continues to write music and lyrics that mean more than money and fame. His biggest thrill in life is to connect with his entire audience on a personal level. Josh is currently working on writing a completely new set of songs in an entirely different genre.


2006 - hell' say love - ep
2007 - a thousand reasons - single
2008 - my replacement - single
2009 - memories - album

Set List

45min josh royse solo + 60min with liveband = 105min

or 45min josh royse solo
or 45min josh royse and band

60min with liveband