Josh Sadlon & the West 40

Josh Sadlon & the West 40

 New Palestine, Indiana, USA

Joshua Sadlon is revolutionizing the Christian Music industry by creating an effective presentation with video and music to communicate Christian ideas and from an evangelistic perspective. Josh Sadlon is in cooperation with Blueprints Ministry and plans to expand internationally in the next year. By dynamically explaining specific topics through the eyes of a young adult, Josh is able to reach a younger generation as well as inspire older ones. People can see lives being changed by the music, p


Josh Sadlon was born in Laguna Hills, California in 1991. He has been active in community churches all of his life. Josh has been blessed with many music and technical production abilities. He has successfully organized, produced, and performed many live concerts and productions. Josh has a unique ability to focus all of his talents and skills into one mission. His original music consists of worship, contemporary Christian, and positive secular songs. God has blessed him loving parents and a younger sister. They reside in Indiana and attend Brandywine Community Church.
Josh will continue in ministry, and plans to begin a new age of evangelism. He also hopes to help many charities through concerts and is open to partnering with any organization.


"Making Room for More" - March 2007
"Foreshadowing Me" - July 2008
"United By Grace" - June 2009(compilation)
"Orangehaus Compilation" July 2010
"Truth" September 2010
"Love All You Need" April 2012

"Sing to You" - September 2007 (Regional Airplay)
"Follow Me" - October 2009 (Regional Airplay)
"You're Gonna Get There" October 2010 (National Airplay)
"Make Me the Man" - 2012
"King of Hearts" - 2012

Set List

Maximum of 2 hours
Ideal: 80 minutes