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Josh Sadlon & the West 40

New Palestine, Indiana, United States | SELF

New Palestine, Indiana, United States | SELF
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"Josh Sadlon's Full-Length #LoveAllYouNeed Is Not One To Disappoint"

I've had the privilege of getting a sneak peak at Josh Sadlon's new CD over the past month and I am continually blown away not only by the quality of the production of the album, but also by the songwriting, musicianship, and overall album as a whole.

The debut full-length album, Love All You Need, dropped April 1st, but their CD release show is scheduled for TOMORROW at Brandywine Community Church in Greenfield, IN.

Love All You Need is one of the best Christian albums I have heard in an extremely long time. It is not your traditional Christian album, though. Josh Sadlon and the West 40 are one the few artists who are able to appeal to such a large, widespread crowd. Their music has influences of pop, rock, gospel, worship, and—in my opinion—even bits of folk in "Waiting." No matter your taste in music, every song somehow appealed to me. It is nice to finally get a CD you can listen to the whole way through without getting bored.

One of the singles off the album, "King of Hearts," is bound to get radio airplay, fitting the epitome of the next top single on Christian radio. Although "King of Hearts" is bound to satisfy any lover of pop/rock, my favorite songs on the album are "Waiting" and "Dance For The King." With powerful, flowing lyrics, the acoustic/worship wireframe and dynamics of these songs threw me off guard from the first time I heard these songs. They are definitely worth a second listening.

Josh Sadlon and the West 40 release this album tomorrow night at 7:00 at Brandywine Community Church in Greenfield. They will be debuting their new music and selling hardcopies of the album. Their live show is one for the ages. This concert is going to be amazing and a true performance of some amazing music. Make sure you try and make it out there to support them and see some great performances. It is only about 25 minutes away from Anderson, IN, but more than worth it.

Another great privilege of mine in critiquing this album was to be able to see the hearts behind the music as well. I have never met people more passionate about their mission and goal with this album than Josh and these guys. This album is bound to make an impact in lives and further their career. I'm excited to see the ways this album will transform and guide their careers as well as seeing them grow in their passion and mission. No matter your taste in music, check out Love All You Need and pick up a copy on iTunes or at a concert. The album is not one to disappoint.

Leave your thoughts on the album and the concert tomorrow below in the comments. I'd like to see your opinions as well. - Drew Beechler

"Promise Keeper new "Favoirte Song of the Year" Make Me the Man!"

April 6, 2012
Promise Keepers has named Josh Sadlon's new song "Make Me the Man" as their "favorite song of the year" - Promise Keepers

"Josh Sadlon Saving the World"

Many teenagers are constantly influenced by music. Some teens listen to music, some write music, but some go out and play music for a cause.

Prior to starting music, Josh Sadlon was born with hearing problems. After many surgeries, he regained his hearing by the age of 10. His musical talent started with picking up drumsticks and drums. When he mastered the drums he started playing guitar at age twelve. He was only 15 when he discovered his singing abilities during his youth group.

“The worship leader didn’t show up, and I knew a few songs, so I said I could try it,” Sadlon said.

Sadlon was just 15 when his life was changed by singing and songwriting. Since his breakthrough at his youth group, he has played for many important musical influences; Alec Baldwin, John David Webster, American Idol producers, Julliard Professors, and many churches in the Mid-West. He graduated last year from New Palestine High School and is now taking his musical career even further.

Since graduating, he has recorded his third album. By far, his third album has hit the ground running much more than the last two have. Not only has he finished with his third album, the fourth is in the making. The four albums being created won’t go towards his fame, but towards charity.

“My mission with the songs on the third CD is to benefit an orphanage in Haiti through World Renewal International,” Sadlon said.

This mission is very important to Sadlon. He hopes to help rebuild an orphanage for 27 orphans with his donation to the World Renewal International organization missions.

“Their home is very important to have before hurricane season begins again,” Sadlon said.

To promote his mission through music, he plans to go on tour soon. He is working on putting his upcoming tour schedule.. Sadlon plans to go national and play at churches and venues. They plan to open for other talented musical groups such as Tenth Avenue North, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Lincoln Brewster. He expects the crowds to consist of at least 5,000 fans.

“A month or two on a tour bus will be worth the amazing time and tons of people we will reach,” Sadlon said.

Sadlon doesn’t care about his fame; he cares about setting an example to this generation for making better decisions and contributing to helping others in their community or around the world.

“My concerts aren’t a show, they are an awakening,” Sadlon said.

He hopes to not only donate to Haiti, but he plans to use his gifts and talents to produce more songs and albums to give to more nonprofit organizations and charities. Sadlon is making it his priority to donate money from every project he completes.

“I’m using my gifts to help others in the best way I know how,” Sadlon said.

Anyone can help Sadlon along on his journey by finding his tour schedule and going to one of his shows to benefit Haiti. Even the songs’ profits are going towards his mission. His single, called “You’re Gonna Get There” is on iTunes for $0.99. He hopes to use those proceeds as well as his tour proceeds to go towards the charity and to plan more shows across the nation.

“There are no limits to what someone can do when they trust their faith,” Sadlon said. “Everyone has a destiny and now that I’ve found my calling, everyday is the best day of my life.”

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"Making Room for More" - March 2007
"Foreshadowing Me" - July 2008
"United By Grace" - June 2009(compilation)
"Orangehaus Compilation" July 2010
"Truth" September 2010
"Love All You Need" April 2012

"Sing to You" - September 2007 (Regional Airplay)
"Follow Me" - October 2009 (Regional Airplay)
"You're Gonna Get There" October 2010 (National Airplay)
"Make Me the Man" - 2012
"King of Hearts" - 2012



Josh Sadlon was born in Laguna Hills, California in 1991. He has been active in community churches all of his life. Josh has been blessed with many music and technical production abilities. He has successfully organized, produced, and performed many live concerts and productions. Josh has a unique ability to focus all of his talents and skills into one mission. His original music consists of worship, contemporary Christian, and positive secular songs. God has blessed him loving parents and a younger sister. They reside in Indiana and attend Brandywine Community Church.
Josh will continue in ministry, and plans to begin a new age of evangelism. He also hopes to help many charities through concerts and is open to partnering with any organization.