Josh Sallee

Josh Sallee

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
SoloHip Hop

In a short time, Oklahoma hip hop artist, Josh Sallee, has established himself as a major voice for other small town musicians. From multiple tours with national names, to songs with Kevin Durant, to being on covers of publications, to sold-out release shows, Josh is the epitome of independet success. What's unique is his content, Sallee's strays from typical rap dialogue providing a lyrical outlook that spreads positvity, passion and care for our world, while facing his own demons.


Josh Sallee, possesses that rare mixture of emotions often referred to as "star quality".      With his new song "AWAYO", Josh steers from his imagery driven content and really gives people a look into his personal life. He teams up with Maryland native, K.A.A.N, and producer Blev, to give the first single off his upcoming release "The Hush Hush EP".  Growing up in Oklahoma as a preacher's kid, Sallee has had to learn the balance of expectations from his upbringing and the aspirations of being a successful artist. This on-going battle has been key in the growth of his fanbase as many people can relate to the back and forth feeling. He has quickly became one of the most successful independent musicians in Oklahoma, a place hardly notorious for producing legitimate hip hop acts. He has toured nationally with names like Asher Roth, Vic Mensa, Modsun, and King Chip, while curating a cult like following across the Southern Midwest. Josh's iTunes debut release "Know Society" peaked at #43 on sales charts, only validating the strength of his following. He has worked with major names like Smoke DZA, Blended Babies, Pell, Chevy Woods and a slew others. 
With the release of new song "AWAYO" and announcement of his next project, Josh Sallee is looking to go from big fish in a small pond, to respected name in the national spotlight.


All In a Night's Work - 2015

Know Society - 2014

Probable Flaws  - 2012

Return to Sender - 2011

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