Josh Sampson and Soul Hawk
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Josh Sampson and Soul Hawk

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Great Feel:)"

This track has great feel from the moment it begins. It reminds me of the Talking Heads. The production is dynomite, the beat is solid and you can hear all the instruments perfectly. The piano is played very well and in just the right spots. The piano solo at 3:50 is a nice addition to the arrangement. I like the lead vocal which is very well performed. Overall, a very good song that I could picture on the radio today. Nice work!
Reviewed by: MarkHewer from Windsor, Ontario, Canada
- Reviewed by: MarkHewer from Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"Makes me feel... like writing you a good review! : )"

Nice, immediate hook beginning in the intro with the guiatr and strings. I actually do like tha vocals, but some of the phrasing puts me off, especially "a grave empty inside...". It sounds, well... a bit drunk there! The piano is a nice touch. And the guiatr break down section is superb. Not sure if I dig the effect on the bridge (the part starting at "stuck in the mud". What is that? Flang and chorus? Seems like there is a better choice. It just seems a bit disjointed with the other tones going on, especially this saloon like piano. Overall, I really like y'alls sound! Production is great, good balance and nice arrangments. And you sound a bit like Oasis meets the Black Crows to me ( both compliments in my book!). Good luck to you!
Extra Credit: Guitars, Keyboards, Melody, Beat, Mood - Sheila Swift: Houston. Texas

"Hello Zappa"

Reviewing song Without Shouting

great throwback to Frank Zappa...has a jammy Phish vibe..kinda like Sample in a Jar....need a joint though
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Melody.
- Rathy, Los Angelos CA


Reviewing Song: Without Shouting

Very neat vocal sound. Not what I expected to go with this music. I like it, its different. Everything seems tight. I kind of wish there was more going on during the chorus but it works. Nice tune.
Extra Credit: Originality.
- TF Rocks, Brigantine, New Jersey

"My New Jam"

My New Jam: Reviewing, It's The Things We Don't Say That Kill Us.

The Mountain Goats go pop! Great melody, engaging lyrics. The piano (keys) are perfectly played and fit the song well. "The Valley Was Dangerous" is an imaginative touch. The bridge also fits well into the track and has a great guitar tone to add to the arrangement. Oh, and the drop out after the bridge - nice touch. Very catch. "Its the things we don't say that kill us!" WELL DONE!
Reviewed by: KnockEmAlive from New York
- KnockEmAlive from NYC


Interesting and Well Constructed Tune
I am fairly new here but I have to say this is one of the if not the coolest tunes I have encountered yet on this site. The band is capable in whole and the melodic chorus sold me completely. It starts a little slowly and takes 1:36 to reach the chorus but it all fits well together and certainly earned my respect. This tune rocks and has a strong finish. The only criticism worth a mention is the recording itself. The drums are not in the mix correctly. Its not that they are too loud or too soft, they just do not sound as if they are in the same room as the rest of the mix. It is a minor detail though. Overall, I did the tune and the band.
Reviewed by: StoneheadBand from Heath, Texas
- Stonehead, Heath Texas

"Yeah, that was okay!!!! (As in kicked ass)"

Yeah, that was okay!!!! (As in kicked ass)
Vocal is totally 'A-ha' bathed in reverb. Like it! Production is top drawer. Love it! Mood is serene. Dig it! That piano is sweet, and the rest of the muso's in the band kicked ass. I could comment further in an attempt to get an '11' on my reviewer score, but I ain't gonna. What the hell do I know? I'm just some shmuck who knows a great tune when he hears it.
Reviewed by: dankelso from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Dankelso from Sydney Australia


Josh Sampson's Soul Hawk

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Josh Sampson roots are Ohio, but after spending almost a year abroad in Australia in 2001, he learned how to craft compositions from befriending a local Aussie rocker. He moved back to OH, where he attended the Ohio State University. While there, he had a local hit with the short lived "Delayaday". After they disbanded in 2003, he read "Fountainhead" and became fascinated with New York City and the early cbgb's 70's music scene, constantly listening to Television and Talking Heads, etc. No clue what to expect and armed only with a guitar and a duffle bag, he moved to NY's Hell's Kitchen. There he made the best of his situation, hustling for cash, selling booze, booking bands, performing and bartending. While briefly attending Mannes College of Music (The New School) in 2004, Sampson formed Lumis Glyde. The band was a constantly changing rock/jazz line-up over two years that included many great gigs and artists including Jared Scott of (Spin Magazine favorite) Demander, Gustavo Remor of the hugely popular Brazillian roots band, Ogans, Thomas Shaw of New York's finest funk/soul instrumental composition quintet, Second Movement, John Paul Norpoth of Williamsburg's Butane Variations, Guitarist Seth Winters, and drumming great, Aaron Comess of Spin Doctors. On the midwest spring tour, Josh decided to disband Lumis Glyde and, as he says "I wanted to play the songs I want to hear". Josh teamed up with Aaron Comess and recorded his first self-titled record, engineer-ed by Soul Hawk guitarist, Elliot Glass. Josh Sampson is a producer. He produced Thomas Shaw and the Deliverymen for Warmer Records and is currently producing the hit English band, the Littlans. Due out in Nov. 07 on Warmer Records.