Josh Thomas

Josh Thomas

 Parap, Northern Territory, AUS

If you like Buddy Guy, Albert King and Jimmi Hendrix then you will like Josh Thomas... Josh is putting the sex appeal back into guitar playing... be sure to hear summ smooth but raw hot blues with a fresh new face coming to 2 u...All the way from Australia .. B SURE TO CHECK HIM OUT


Josh Thomas has been activily playing for the last 20yrs.
Last contracted to Festival Mushroom Record late 90's. CAAMA Records mid 90's and now independant. Played and recorded guitars on 2005 Australian Song of the Year and gigs like there is no tomorrow....Played with Eric Bibb and worked with sum of the best rock producers who have wrked with Lenny Kravitz, ACDC and KISS...."I just gotta feel it"


Released 5 Albums
Released on 2 Compilations

Set List

Hurt Somebody
Camp Dog Blues
Down and Out
Easy Money
Give Me the Blues
Dont Take My Money
Boss of Everyone
Run Boy Run
Thats allright Momma (Cover)
All along the watchtower (Cover)

Can play all night, but when i do Festivals i stick to the required time given