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The best kept secret in music



Former BuckCherry front man, Joshua Todd is back with his new band simply called, JOSH TODD. Originally to be called, SHOTSFIRED before going by Josh's name sake. The band's debut release, 'YOU MADE ME' is a sonic blast of full throttled bad ass rock and roll that pulls no punches. Once you hit play and the kick in the teeth rocker, "Mind Infection" shoots out of your speakers your senses are blasted with a shot of adrenaline that will get your juices flowing in no time flat. Josh Todd sounds better than ever. His band, Jesse Logan (guitars), Mike Hewitt (guitars), Mark John (bass) and Kent Ross (drums) are a tight unit of nu-breed rockers that throw down some serious riffage. On tracks like, "Broken" and super prime mover, "Blast", its no surprise that Josh Todd hooked up with these guys. The chemistry between Josh Todd and his band is like white on rice. Listening to the CD I sensed that Josh wanted his band to sound heavier and fresh with a more modern sound. Breaking away from what he did with Buckcherry. A good example of that fresh and modern sound can be heard on, "Shine" the first single from the CD is already getting massive air play on rock radio across the nation. Looks like Josh Todd made the right decision. Its been a while, but its great to see Josh get back into the ring. "YOU MADE ME" is a great rock and roll recording that is definitely built for the future. One best played at MAXIMUM volume. One that comes highly recommended. Welcome back Josh!

- Tony Sison


Josh Todd is most known for being the frontman to the Hollywood-based rock band Buckcherry. Buckcherry, who's self-titled debut album went Gold, broke up after the release of their second album, Timebomb! Shortly after, Josh Todd hooked up with a new group of guys in the Hollywood area and they formed Shotsfired. They started writing music and did some sold at shows at The Whiskey in Hollywood. Later, they decided to just go under the name Josh Todd. You Made Me is like Buckcherry but with a more metal influence. The album is filled with killer riffs and screaching vocals. The musicianship of the band is very tight and of course Josh sounds great vocally. There is not one bad song on the entire album. This album is a must for Buckcherry fans, hard rock fans and metal fans. If you are fan of bands like Killingbird, Backyard Babies and Hardcore Superstar you too will love this CD.
- Russell Trunk


Josh Todd the former frontman of what was supposed to be the next big thing Buckcherry, has embarked on a solo tour supporting his new release "You Made Me" and it seems this time around he's not taking any prisoners. His band which is made up of young no name musicians mean business as well. From the moment they hit the stage there was no doubt in anyone's mind that the band was there to kill which is exactly what they did. Fortunately I can't write anything much different from the dozens of positive reviews from which I have already read, about other cities they have invaded. Todd comes across as one talented motherf'er singing his balls off throughout the night and his band backed him up all the way.

Although I am not quite sure what happened to JT's former band other than that they parted ways, it seems as though Todd will one day be back on top. His attempt to replace Axl Rose in one of Slash's projects didn't work out for some reason, probably because he didn't want to take any crap. New songs like "Flowers and Cages" and "Shine" come right from the gut without any compramise. I guess the most important thing to a musician is the direction of their music, lets just say these guys are headed in the right direction. Right now the band is playing small clubs in the states with more dates to follow throughout the summer. In the meantime pick up the new CD and crank it up.


Former “BuckCherry” front man, Josh Todd, has reached way back to his rock roots to produce an absolute monster of a debut album. Obviously not dwelling on the disappointment of missing out on the “Velvet Revolver” vocals job, Todd has pulled out all the stops to deliver this weighty rock n roll tour de force.

Picking up where his previous effort left off, Todd hasn’t forgotten his roots with weighty, balls out rockers like “Mind Infection” “Flowers in Cages” and the mellower rock ballad “Shine”, the debut single off the album. Todd’s vocals, thankfully, haven’t lost any power or their signature, sinister growl as well evident in songs like “Broken”.

The surprising thing about “You Made Me” is the raw power of Todd’s new band. Future guitar heroes Mike Hewitt and Jesse Logan have created such an awe inspiring wall of sound that is as current as anyone but has lost none of that hard rock edge. These young guns are well on their way to becoming the latest rock guitar gods like the guitar duo’s of old .Thick, fat power chords and crushing riffs bludgeon the listener into submission without overpowering the vocals.

Although the album lacks a breakthrough hit like “Lit Up” and tends to start sounding a little the same after a while it still rages like a modern day Guns n Roses with enough quality to drive this solid rock n roll gem. A must have for real rockers.

- Ross Romeo

"KINGS of A&R"

Josh Todd – You Made Me. Originally dubbed Shotsfired and now simply known as JOSH TODD is the new L.A. rock band featuring former Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd, whose previous act spawned two albums in Time Bomb (2001) and the Platinum-selling S/T debut (1999), which included the Grammy-nominated #1 hit “Lit Up.” Following the unfortunate demise of Buckcherry, Josh’s first attempt at returning to the rock scene involved a collaboration with Guns N’ Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum along with ex-Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson, which resulted in nine songs written before the project came to a sudden halt. The second attempt, which included a group of unknowns that would eventually make up the band JOSH TODD was, needless to say, much more successful with the five musicians immediately bonding and putting together a catalog of 30 songs that led to the recording of their debut You Made Me, with producer Chris Johnson (Evanescence, Masters Of Reality) and mixer Rob Chiarelli (Madonna, Public Enemy). The end result is an explosive rock album that recalls the very best of Guns N Roses / AC/DC audacity and Aerosmith charm, with a decidedly less bluesy and more modern punk/metal-influenced flair. Leading the way are such torrid rockers as the raunchy opener Mind Infection, the hard-hitting Burn and such headbanging numbers as Blast and Straight Jacket, though the first single Shine, the infectious Circles and the touching ending ballad Lovely Bones will more than likely leave a more lasting impression. Among the other notable tracks to be found on the 13-song album are The Walls, Afraid, Flowers & Cages and Broken, all of which makes for an impressive collection of well-written songs that should whet the appetites of any listeners who appreciate their rock with more substance and less theatrics. In the end, JOSH TODD’s You Made Me is a resounding statement to fans everywhere that Rock is far from being dead…

- KINGS of A&R


For fans of BUCKCHERRY that are as pissed off as I am that these boys broke up - At least the voice is back! Immediately identifiable as the ex-singer of Buck Cherry the instant you hear it - The vid is avail for the lead single- SHINE... and it's a perfect follow up to the second B/C CD - Time Bomb. A little heavier... but a great disc. - THE TOUR BUS

"HITS Magazine"

Every week, I hear many of my record and radio friends complain about the lack of true rock stars to help drive bodies into record stores and attract more time spent tuning into the airwaves. Last night, I had the pleasure of experiencing one of them rocking the Whisky stage. Josh Todd (former Buckcherry singer) was simply amazing from the moment he came down the stairs until the crowd finally stopped freaking out after he belted out the single, ‘Shine,’ to close the set. His band (whom he found when he answered an ad from a group looking for a singer!) kicked ass as well.”
- John Lenac

"MAXIM Magazine"

As the lead singer of Buckcherry, Josh Todd channeled Axl Rose through a mirror-full of cocaine, dishing out bumps of raging L.A. sleaze-rock that alternated between the ridiculous and the sublime. After a brief attempt at channeling Axl for real by fronting the group of GNR refugees that would become Velvet Revolver, Todd has found a new band who sound, unsurprisingly, quite a bit like his old band. At times that’s certainly a good thing: The propulsive and angry stomp “Flowers & Cages” boasts an impressive blast of sharp, stuttering guitar riffs. And on “Shine,” Todd’s grizzly, strangled growl rides towering arena-rock arrangements, setting up a contrast that works. The band is hardly brimming with novel ideas, but fortunately for the kind of grimy, punk-metal grind it’s attempting, it doesn’t need ’em. - David Peisner


Everyone remembers that song, it was all over the radio a few summers ago; you know, the cocaine song, 'I Love the Cocaine, I Love the Cocaine'. Well, the song was actually called 'Lit Up' and the man behind it was Josh Todd, with his former band Buckcherry.

At the time, Buckcherry was heralded as the next super group, the next Guns n' Roses. But after their second album bombed, the band called it a day. Josh Todd, started working with Slash and Duff from G'n'R on an early version of what has become Velvet Revolver, but Josh was given the boot, and we were all told 'he just didn't fit the band'.

All these things lead to Josh going solo and putting his own band together. A band of no names, and well; kids (his new band are in their late teens to early twenties, I think). From what I remember, Josh answered a band ad for a singer, didn't tell them who he was, jammed with them and made them his band. From the songs I have heard on his webpage, and now what I have heard and seen live, you are going to forget all about Buckcherry and remember 'Josh Todd'.

Josh hit the stage and was like a time bomb waiting to explode, and from the opening song 'blast', blast is exactly what he did. The band launched into 'Burn' and 'Straight Jacket', just three songs in and the Philly crowd were literally blown away.

Josh and band just kept going from one song to another, nothing much was said in between, they just seemed to let the music do the talking. With songs 'The Walls', 'Mind Infection' and 'Broken', Josh was dancing and jumping all over the stage, which at times, I said to myself, I wonder why Slash and Duff gave this guy the boot. 'Flowers and Cages' and 'Afraid' were up next and then it was the Cocaine song 'Lit Up'.

As the songs went on the band and the crowd got more and more excited. 'Shine', 'Circles' and lastly the song 'Wasted' (which should be the first single) really got the crowd growing louder and louder. 'Wasted' totally blew the crowd away, and the band you could tell, were enjoying playing it, as they were each and every song.

The band left the stage and it seemed to be end of the night, but a few people started screaming for one more. Next thing you know, people were stomping there feet on the floor, and hollering for more. So the band came back on, and you could tell they weren't expecting it.

As they were trying to figure out what song to play, a guy in crowd starts hollering 'Lost Idols' and that was what they launched into. Afterwards, Josh thanked the Philly crowd for really embracing their new stuff and thanked everyone for coming out. Josh and the band came out signing autographs and having their pictures taken with the crowd. I thanked him for kicking my ass and for putting on the best show I have seen this year so far.

So if Josh and the band come to a town near you check them out.
- Bay Breez


Buy this album! What better endorsement can a reviewer give a new album? Get in your car, drive to the local CD shop and plunk down whatever they are asking. You Made Me is worth the money. I was a fan of BUCKCHERRY, but singer Josh Todd has moved beyond what his former band was able to bring to the table. Anyone who reads my reviews on a regular basis knows my distaste for all things nu-metal and modern rock, but sometimes an artist puts out an album that even I can't ignore. Anything by OLEANDER and DOGPOUND come to mind. You can add this to that short list as well. I have had this in my possession for about a week and I have been unable to remove it from my CD player. It really is that good folks.

Every song, all 13 of them, just got inside my head and took over. You can chalk that up to Todd's impassioned vocals, the man just glides seemlessly from harder edged rockers like "I'm Afraid" "Broken" "Blast" and "Straight Jacket" into modern rock cruisers like "The Walls" "Shine" (this song has some nice ENUFF Z'NUFF touchs) and "Afraid". Josh seems to have put together a kick ass band for his solo debut. Guitarists Jesse Logan and Mike Hewitt change the tempos very well with tight riffing. Bassist Mark John and drummer Kent Ross back them admirably. I really can't see anyway that anyone could have done this material any better. I am hard pressed to single out tracks that are my favorites because I literally love everyone of them. The album is mixed wonderfully so that each song varies in tempo and style, thus you never get a feeling of "sameness" that you get from crap bands like NICKELBACK or THREE DOORS DOWN. Compared to filth like that this entire album just comes off sounding so mature. Not to say that Josh has lost his
sense of humor or edginess. The lyrics are still biting, especially on the dirtiest rockers "Blast" and "Straight Jacket". It is this kind of song writing that has always made OLEANDER my favorite non-metal act. They might have to share that spot if Mr. Todd can repeat this effort.

PITRIFF RATING - 9/10 - I am not sure what prompted Todd's split with BUCKCHERRY or why material of this quality couldn't be produced under that name, but he has obviously landed on his feet. I meant what I said in my opening, this is worth the money. Don't cop out and settle for a downloaded version, go out and spend a few of your well earned ducats. This CD is the perfect summer car soundtrack.
- Shawn Gould


YOU MADE ME-released 3/09/04
"Shine" is impacting radio now.



Feeling a bit camera shy


Josh Todd has never had a problem measuring up, and you can bet the lucky 13 songs on the singer's first post-Buckcherry release, You Made Me, meet Todd's exacting musical standards. While he is justifiably proud of his two discs with platinum-selling, Grammy®-nominated tattooed rockers Buckcherry, "I definitely wanted a fresh, more modern sound for this record and band," Todd says. You Made Me, in stores March 9 (out in Japan via JVC/Victor Entertainment on March 26), features the first single and video, the mid-tempo, hypnotic rocker "Shine," which was "Most Added" at Active Rock in its first two weeks at radio. "I wanted a more melodic record vocally, and I wanted to find young, hungry guys; ones who were willing to take a bullet for the cause," he explains of the lineup's 2002 inception. "So I cold-called an ad in Music Connection magazine. One ad, off the cuff, called while standing at the newsstand! They were a band who had moved to L.A. from Salt Lake City and were looking for a singer. They listed influences as Deftones and At the Drive In--cool bands--so I left a message, and after I did, I was like, 'what did I just do!?'" he recalls with a laugh. "I told my producer, Chris [Johnson], and he said, 'that's so brilliant, it's gonna be great!'" And it was. At the first jam session, "the chemistry was instant," and Todd quickly wrote melodies for two songs over the band's existing music. Three days later, Todd talked with band--Jesse Logan (guitars), Mike Hewitt (guitars), Mark John (bass) and Kent Ross (drums)—about what he envisioned, making sure there were no drug or girlfriend "problems," and stressing his hardcore work ethic, which the band soon adopted, rehearsing every day, each member meshing as an equal and becoming an integral part of a well-oiled rock 'n' roll machine. Adopting the band name Josh Todd—and it IS a band, not a solo outing—the quintet rehearsed daily, soon working up 30 memorable songs toward their debut. "It's a neat combo; my experience and their excitement," reflects Todd. "They have really good chops. I always like throwing things together that don’t really make sense into a pot and seeing what happens. We're all really open to everybody's ideas. And we've come up with our own sound."

The songs on You Made Me are a product of a particularly prolific writing period that began right after Buckcherry ended. Of his state of mind then, Todd recalls: "I wasn't angry. I did a lot of inner work on my decision to end the band; it wasn't 'fuck all these people.' So since I'm a workaholic, I've been writing for two years solid! In 2002, I wrote 20 songs with Keith [Nelson, guitarist] for the third Buckcherry CD that never happened, then we met the Guns N' Roses guys and wrote nine songs together as a band, so that's 29 songs. I knew I had to move on from that situation, and wrote 30 with my new band, plus nine songs with Muggs from Cypress Hill, and two of those got on his record."

Inspiration was clearly not a problem. "I had been in a situation that was so not right for such a long period of time, that by the time I got with these guys, it was so easy and so exciting." Several songs on You Made Me are inspired by outside events, yet with Todd, it's always personal as well. "I think songs are pieces of emotions. Music either makes me want to kick somebody's ass, cry or go out drinking. That's what I try to do. I listen to music and it takes me down a road. I read a lot and I write down a lot of titles." The haunting and epic song "Lovely Bones," in fact, was inspired by the best-selling book of the same name. Todd, a true crime freak, is obsessed with the TV show "Forensic Files," and the lyrics to the song "Burn," are loosely based on a true episode from the show. "The wife poisoned her husband, slowly, to death, but I thought, 'how great would it be if he was drunk, he passed out and she burned him alive?!'" reveals Todd. "It'd make a great video; I even wrote the treatment. On more personal songs, it's easy for me to access things from my personal life and word it such a way that I can really become attached to it, so when I sing I'm super-passionate about it."

He's super-passionate about the new situation, band and CD. "I just wanted a fresh, new start," Todd furthers, "All the guys are in their very early to mid-20s. I've always been the youngest guy in all my bands, so now I'm on the other side of the coin, which is cool. Starting fresh, I knew I was going to have to humble myself, but I was like, 'bring it on; I just want to be happy.' And along came [manager/business partner] Todd Meagher, and we got into business. He's a forward-thinking guy, has a songwriting background, and he works his ass off. He and I are the perfect combination." You Made Me is released via a partnership between TODD Entertainment LLC and XSRecords and is scheduled to be distributed throughout the United States and Canada by the Navarre Corporation.

As for the stellar sound of You Made M