Joshua Adams

Joshua Adams


"Great sex and humanitarianism...although lately many have compared my sound to a mixture of Soundgarden and Finger Eleven."


I’m not a big fan of writing a bio in third person, so consider this an auto-bio. I thrive in music: I am a full time musician and work in the music industry. Whenever I’m asked to list my personal influences as an artist, I quickly say everything...and everyone. Although you might be able to find sounds reminiscent of Sound Garden, U2, Creed, or Chris Cornell, amazing musical acts aren’t the only ones influencing my music. The past few years have been a hell of a ride with plenty of moving around and working on my project with some of the biggest talents in the music world. With some fresh new songs on disc and a hard drive full of more great ones, the plan is to keep moving forward and continue to have a blast doing so...


Living For Tomorrow: This Is Music - 2005
Joshua Adams: Inspiration For A Nation - 2007 (EP)
Joshua Adams: 2008 Sampler (EP)

Set List

Depending on the needs of the venue, we can provide cover and/or original sets.
Some covers include songs by:
Finger Eleven
Stevie Wonder
Nine Inch Nails
White Stripes
Lenny Kravitz
Michael Jackson
3 Doors Down
The Darkness
Billy Idol
Foo Fighters
The Killers
The Beatles