Joshua Collins

Joshua Collins


Songwriter with deep intent, thoughtful, brooding, optimistic. Melodie with dissonance. Hopeful and skeptical. A compelling live performer that will make you sit back and listen, get up and dance, turn up the volume and drive to that better place.


I've been a solo musician in Syracuse New York / North East region for over 15 years, playing keyboards with a band Faedrus since 1995, and touring with the likes of Jamie Notarthomas from 2003 and a smattering of Reggae, Indie, and Jazz projects to keep it all interesting.
Ive had the honor of performing with Vince Welnick (The Grateful Dead ), and Merle Saunders
(Jerry Garcia Band ) opening's have included Gov't Mule, The Gordon Stone Band, Sim Redmond Band and once The John Corbet band (Northern Exposure, Sex in the City) opened for me! (a very surreal evening!)
I have been nominated for six S.A.M.M.Y (Syracuse Area Musician awards). Recently I have relocated to Louisville Kentucky, to enhance my creative ambitions, currently playing in the rocking Blue's quintet "Dirty Church Revival".
I have a very wide influence of music and all that is the foundation for my original work.
Currently looking for Touring national acts that need back-up keyboards and vox, or a group of musicians to round out my original work. Know any ?!
Have any questions or comments feel free.. I'm always looking for gigs so if you have a place you think I should play...


Faedrus (Starland Ent.): "Out to See" 1998
and "Channels" 2001)

Solo album Jodahico was released in 2004.

Recorded backing keys and vox for upcoming Jamie Notarthomas release.

Set List

With over 2000 live performances under the hood, I've been kicking out sets of original tunes on Piano and Guitar and covering the artist's that have influenced me from: Coldplay, Mississippi John Hurt, John Lennon, U2, Joe Cocker, Thelonious Monk, Wilco, David Gray, Neal Young, The Dead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sting, Otis Redding, and so much of the people that influenced them!