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The Joshua Cross Band is the fulfillment of a vision, a band with an uncompromising desire to minister to our world, through music, from the heart to the heart.


The Joshua Cross band showed their passion for music last night at the Sarah Kelly charity event for Shelter them and we would be honored to have them back again and again. - SHELTER THEM


The Joshua Cross band is a recording group with a passion to connect children and young people to Jesus Christ and help to shape their future and the future of the world.

Singer/songwriter Keith Murphy has an ability to write deep spiritual songs with topics that address social issues since he has lived through many experiences. Growing up without a mom or dad was really hard for him. However, he chose to learn from it and use it to help someone else.

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2003 Derek Lavendusky And Keith Murphy for the Hold On/Lamplight project

Late 2004 Roldan Castillo And Keith Murphy for the Lifted Higher Project.

2005 Keith Murphy for the Singles project

Live Production:
2007 The Joshua Cross Band opened for Sarah Kelly @ The Shelter Them Event

2008 Mark Zubek for The Black Tree project
In 2008 The Joshua Cross Band will becoming out with a New cd The Black Tree.
Mark will be coming on board to lend his great producing skills and much more, keep your eyes wide open .
For more info on mark go to.

Musicians who helped out with the Lifted Higher project: Roldan Castillo Additional Guitar, Ernie Murphy additional drums and Ron Abogadie additional guitar together with vocalist Lisa Murphy they are known as ONE PART HUMAN
Independent Christian Music

Featured Band
Joshua Cross, 95one's featured Artist for the month of April 2007.
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Joshua Cross is a Canadian Christian band with a heart for today’s youth – lead vocalist and band founder Joshua Cross aka Keith Murphy writes deep spiritual songs that address the social issues of our day - having lived through a number of these issues himself, Joshua has a passion for today’s world. Growing up without a mom or dad was a hard road for Joshua, but he chose to learn from it and today he uses his experiences to help others. He founded The Joshua Cross Band to bring that message of hope and healing to the world - Joshua describes his songs as a “healing for the nations”.

Music was always a part of Joshua’s life - at the age of 13 he started his first band called Narrow Express. The band played mostly cover songs but also some originals. After three years the band spilt up and went their separate ways. Joshua felt it was for the best, but with music still stirring his heart he picked up guitar & piano and started working as a solo artist, playing a variety of gigs including playing live on CBC TV. Doors were opening for him and people were starting to hear his message.

At the age of 19, after just getting out from the Newfoundland orphanage that was his home, Joshua moved to Ontario with a band he had put together and started to play around the G.T.A in the hopes of being “discovered”. Things became hard being far from home, and not having much money they sometimes found themselves playing on the streets of Toronto for their next meal. Feeling very much alone and that things were not working out, they all headed back to Newfoundland.

In 1993 the band reconnected, but after a short while Joshua was again on his own, but still committed to his vision, and it was then that Joshua formed The Joshua Cross Band – a band that would sing from Joshua’s own personal Christian faith the answers that he knew the world was longing to hear, the message of Jesus Christ, God’s love and salvation.

The Joshua Cross Band has had shows at a variety of establishments - in Newfoundland, Kigali Rwanda and throughout the GTA, in venues such as CBC TV (St. John’s NL) The Church of Jesus Christ (Kigali Rwanda), Club Rocket (Toronto), The Opera house(Toronto), Peoples Church (Hamilton), East Hamilton Pentecostal Church (Hamilton)and a many other community events.

In summer 2005 The Joshua Cross Band had the chance to play in Kigali Rwanda in Africa for the orphan children. Keith describes it as a life-changing experience. In April 21/2007 The Joshua Cross Band opened for Grammy nominated artist Sarah Kelly.

Joshua continues to craft songs with much of the material drawn from his personal experiences in regards to family, humanity and mortality. Together with his wife, Keith recently launched a charity called Shelter Them - - which was started after seeing in person the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

The Joshua Cross Band is the fulfillment of a vision, a band with an uncompromising desire to minister to our world, through music, from the heart to the heart.