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Allendale, Michigan, United States

Allendale, Michigan, United States
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The best kept secret in music


"Walking In The Path of Martin Luther King Jr."

Nearly 50 years ago Martin Luther King Jr. faced many obstacles in his fight for civil rights. But that message a half-century ago applies as much to students today as it did then, according to Joshua Fredenburg, who came to South Campus to honor the slain civil rights leader.

Fredenburg, a motivational speaker from XY Visions from Atlanta, spoke in front of about 30 students in the Southern Breezes
Café on South Campus. “Anytime I get the chance to talk to
people and about their relationship with Dr. King is something that I was grateful and honored to do,” said Fredenburg.

Fredenburg asked students to rise from their chairs and shout out words that represent unity to embrace what King said so long ago.
“The ceremony is about honoring and respecting our ancestors and paying tribute to what they have done,” he said. Fredenburg
also asked students three questions about how they keep King’s dream alive. “It means so much to me because 50 years
ago I would not be able to go to [this] school,” said Candace Williams, a psychology major.

Broward College opened in 1960 and was
intergraded in 1962. Fredenburg asked students how did they
plan to build on the legacy and dream of Dr. King; what is their dream to make the world a better place in the 21st century; and are
they 110 percent committed to making the world a better place for everyone? “Hopefully all the students will embrace
the three questions,” said Prof. Susan Smith, who teaches speech.
King was assassinated at the height of the civil rights movements in 1968. A Baptist minister in Atlanta, King is credited as the face of the movement through nonviolent means.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday was declared a holiday in 1986 to be celebrated on the third Monday of January. A memorial to King is being constructed in Washington D.C. “This historic day represents legacy and us doing our part to make the world a better place,” said Fredenburg.

Broward College events were held on different campuses. “It means to me the ability of a whole nation can recognize the unity amongst all
the people,” said Giannete Rodriguez, an Environmental Science major.
Fredenburg is a motivational speaker who brought a message of self-empowerment across 42 different states. He has written
three books and has prepared several seminars to college students for high-level leadership positions after graduation.

“I honor Dr. King by following in his footsteps,” he said. “I try to do my part.” - The Observer - Broward CC

"Repeat After Me! I'm The Best of the best ... !"

Yesterday I attended the annual leadership conference organized by the Office of Orientation Transition and Leadership, called “Aptissimi.” The keynote speaker, Joshua Fredenburg, was so energizing and inspiring that I just had to share some of his ideas.

He began his speech with an interactive exercise. Everyone at the conference had to stand and repeat phrases like “I am the best of the best of the best!” and “I will not let my haters tear me down!” and essentially made all of the participants scream out loud about being awesome people. I felt a little silly in my business casual getup yelling in the Hogan ballroom, but let me tell you- visualization is a powerful thing. I actually believed all of the exclamations by the time Mr. Fredenburg had us sit down again.

He showed us clips from movies like “Remember the Titans” (one of my personal favorites of all time) and used examples from his own life to illustrate 4 things that a great leader must have. And here they are…

1. A leader must have VISION. Something that comes from within. A leader must be able to see greatness in the people others might reject.

2. A leader should establish their DREAM TEAM. A group of special people in their life (family, friends, mentors, colleagues) to support and help them make their vision a reality. Our friends help determine our attitude. There are certain places we would never reach if it weren’t for meeting the right person at the right time. It’s all about building positive relationships, networking, creating connections, and synergy.

3. A leader needs to INSPIRE OTHERS by motivating and empowering. Having passion and enthusiasm is essential. People competence (understanding different kinds of people) will help a leader know how to garner a certain response or action from others.

4. Finally, a leader should be CONSISTENT. As Joshua Fredenburg said, we can’t be effective if we are “one hit wonders.” By being consistent in our actions and motivation, we can challenge others and raise the standard. People depend on their leaders to succeed.

Reflecting on his speech is really imacting the way that I’m anticipating my role as an elementary school teacher next year with the Teach for America program. Some specific points that really touched me and that I’ll use as I prepare for teaching are that leaders should recognize the potential in all people (especially in those who have been rejected by others), should bring passion and enthusiasm to their work, and that leaders need courage to act, faith to believe, and knowledge to overcome. I’m getting so excited to teach next year :) I hope that my students will become “the best…of the best!….of the best!”
- Mary Kate O’Keefe ’11

"USC Leadership Diversity Conference 2012 Ignite Change/Changed My Life!"

Hello ladies and gents, whom I love so very much. I do not even know where to start and/or how to explain the experience I just had this saturday! This past week was rather hard for me. Sometimes you just feel lonely. I was feeling frustrated, lonely, helpless, which is very rare for me to feel. I literally sat down on a bench next to our central campus duck pond in the night and sat and wept (not cried but wept) for two whole hours. I had a conversation with God. I whined to Him and told Him that I cannot do this alone! I cannot go through school simply going through the motions and not having personal interactions with people! I cannot loose 50 pounds with no support. I cannot raise $30,000 for a non-profit with no official board! I cannot, I CANNOT, I cannot! I was fed up and felt defeated, but I know He heard me and He certainly answered in a transforming way. On Saturday I went with three co-workers of mine and a boss down to the University of South Carolina. Talk about beautiful! Plam trees, cool breeze, and warm weather. They were hosting a Leadership/Diversity Conference called "IGNITE CHANGE" and student leaders from all over NC and SC were present. I went to some amazing sessions! 1)Success Begins in the Mind (Closing the Black-White gap), 2) Your Personal Brand, 3) The Leadership Juggle: How to Effectively Communicate and Work in Groups. As you can see from the titles alone, that I learned a bunch and more so than I can begin to tell. There were also motivational speakers and a great lunch! I love conferences like these! I met and talked to some of the most loving, mature, and accepting people, handed out my card, and took valuable notes, but it gets better. The keynote speaker named Joshua Fredenburg spoke on "How to Be and Effective Leader." He started off with what he calls a "positive affirmation experience." We all had to stand up straight and tall and shout things like "I look good! I smell good! I will make an impact in my family, community, nation, and world! I am smart! I am beautiful!" It goes on, but I literally began to tear up. I needed to hear this affirmation from a powerful, wealthy, humble man of God. I needed to hear this a room of young leaders and most importantly myself shouting out these words and believing them! After this, I was determined to meet him. It just so happened that he walked right past me before the end of the conference and I talked with him (gave him my card) and let him know that he was the answer to my prayers! I had to come all the way to South Carolina! I was not going to go to the Gospel Choir Tour for various reasons, but through him the Lord told me to swallow my pride and go. "Your talents are not about you, but other people," Mr. Joshus Fredenburg says. He told me "Get ready! You are singing before my final presentation!" I almost fell out. WHAT? So, I finally got to sing "His Eye Is On the Sparrow." All through gospel choirs in my younger years I wanted to sing that solo and never did, and at the least expected moment... the Lord said it was time. God really has a sense of humor, and I am so ever grateful. I got a standing ovation, a hug from Mr. Joshua, and a free cd.
But I got oh so much more--encouragement, affirmation, a solo, and an open door for mentorship from one of the greatest motivation speakers of our time. I just want to end by letting you know that if you are in a tough situation right now, are hurting mentally or physically, or in anything that doesn't feel good or look just wait and your affirmation of positivity is coming! I hope to do what that man does one day--to change lives and inspire. Til then, I will keep my vision in the forefront of my mind and take each day one step @ a time! I love you, be encouraged and have a wonderful week! - Yasmine Alexandra Arrington





Joshua Fredenburg is not only a national speaker, author, and leadership expert that has traveled to 40 different states empowering student leaders with leadership strategies for career leadership success in a tough job market, but he has a Masters in Organizational Leadership and is pursuing a PhD in Organizational Leadership right now!
For the past few years, Joshua has not only had a successful speaking career, but he has also developed an annual national leadership conference, Circle of Change Leadership Conference, that not only prepares student leaders in college for executive-level leadership positions after graduation, but connects student leaders with executives from companies such as Pepsi, Columbia Pictures, Hewlett Packard, CNN, Fox Searchlight Productions, UPS, VH-1, Nestle, and American Airlines to name a few.

JoshuaÂ’s ultimate passion as a speaker is to empower student leaders all across the country with the leadership skills necessary to become AmericaÂ’s Next Top Leaders!