Joshua Giant

Joshua Giant

 Staten Island, New York, USA

Joshua Giant is more than just a song writer. He is an individual with his own world living inside his mind. Through his music, he gives you a ticket into his thoughts and daily changes. In the end, people find music they can relate to somehow.


22 year old Joshua Giant was born and raised in NYC. His father is the singer/guitarist of the 1980's rock n roll sensation X-Davis. Growing up in his household he was no stranger to music. There was an available recording studio and more instruments than he could count. As a child, he and his brother recorded a new song almost every day.

The man who produced Giant's first 3 original albums? Underground engineering legend, Tony Ungaro (David Bowie, Joe Jackson). He calls giant's songwriting and vocals, "the positive kind of unique," and, " of a kind. Once Joshua starts singing the lyrics he wrote it gives you those chills, like, "I've been there before. I'm going to be okay.""

Joshua lives, breathes, and sleeps writing music. It is extremely rare you will see him perform a cover song at one of his packed out shows. Local college radio play, such as 88.9fm WSIA has helped spread the word of this talented young artist.

"If there was no possibility of the luxuries that come along with fame, in this whole music world, of course I'd still write. That's a silly question. I don't do this for money- I don't have much of that and I've been at this my whole life. I've turned down big contracts because I couldn't care less about money. It's my passion. You asking me if I could live without writing is like me asking you if you could live without breathing." -Joshua Giant, 2011 Interview


4 songs currently receiving college radio airplay.

A catalog of over 300 songs available and counting.

Set List

[For Headlining, 1hr]

Looks Like an Angel - (Joshua Giant)
Good Ain't Good Enough - (Joshua Giant)
The Coalition - (Joshua Giant)
Closure - (Joshua Giant)
Diamond in the Rough - (Joshua Giant)
Think for Myself - (Joshua Giant)
Cheaters Never Prosper - (Joshua Giant)
Paper Cliches - (Joshua Giant)
Learning to Love -(Joshua Giant)
The Current Situation - (Joshua Giant)
My Last Request - (Joshua Giant)
The Lighthouse - (Joshua Giant, Marcello Sabella)
Headlights - (Joshua Giant)