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joshua kobak


JK is an exceptional vocalist and lyricist. His sound is diverse and organic, encapsulating experience into song. In performance, he captivates with passion and the magic of loop pedals. He has a strong following in NYC and scattered fans across the USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Ireland, and SA.


To singer/songwriter Joshua Kobak, the word Swim says it all. Having lost several people to drowning accidents throughout his life, to Joshua, "swim" means "to LIVE ...and exist within all vibrations, musical and otherwise". This concept has inspired Joshua to create a vast and organic sound that is all his own. Hailing from NYC, his talent and performance abilities are undeniable and plainly visible whether he faces the world solo, or with his band Swim.
A jack of all trades, Kobak keeps himself creatively active as a seasoned frontman, actor, and poet. His first complete album with the band, "Above and Beneath" was recorded in Manhattan by flying back and forth from various US cities while touring with the Broadway Musical "RENT" (he currently appears on Broadway). Joshua also shares a production company currently working on the beat poetry rock musical, SUBWAY TRAIN, which Joshua conceptualized, co-wrote and appears in regularly throughout NYC. His downtime finds him gigging out at various New York City hotspots and trying out new material while busking in the 14th st. 1-9 Subway station. With his strong and haunting vocals, wide and varied arrangements and undeniably rhythmic and stunning lyrics, "Above and Beneath" tugs at the heart, mind and soul.

Take a dive into the music and learn to swim…



Written By: Joshua Kobak

I wish
I may
I might

Be the sky round your world tonight
hold your breath
and feel your eyes
ripple in time

I look
I glance
I stare

carrying the dare cuz we know the truth
filling up the air with words everyone uses
but our only use is to spell out time
until we rhyme
ripple in time

I kiss
I feel
I touch

wanting very much to be one with you
discovering the things that we knew were true
knowing that our love is the highest high
because we rhyme
ripple in time

I love rhyme
a coincidence is one within time


Written By: Joshua Kobak

While in the branches of my tree
a bush caught fire and spoke to me
and I feel I just couldn't put it out

in trying
I was dying
I was out of breath and panting
then the bush
burning wild
just kept on chanting

Maya Maya Maya Maya
means water
I could sing your name for hours
Maya Maya Maya Maya
means water
and you've been singing about a drought

Then the bush began to smoke
and I got high on what it spoke
I began weaving meaning within it's words

A robe
woven around me
that had replaced all previous prophecy
I wore it proud
over every doubt
I never wanted to see

Maya Maya Maya Maya
means water
and I saw your face in a re-occurring dream
when I was a boy

now... coincidence employs me
and I work so hard
but never paid
never been
working for these things totally unseen

working for a closed door
I'm staring at the knob
eyes open wide
you're on the other side and crying
inside me a part of me is dying

Maya Maya Maya Maya
means illusion
everything in-between
Maya Maya Maya Maya
means illusion
the great unseen


Written By: Joshua Kobak

I got issues like a magazine
you're on the cover of at least 3

some are weekly
some daily news
some are pornographic reviews

And time goes by
and they keep coming up
and coming out
and coming up
and coming out and...

the time goes by
and I keep reading on
to know your style
your style

We got baggage like an airport
let's open up another runway
so baggage comes
and the baggage goes
they won't hold us
they'll hold our keepsakes

and time goes by
and they keep coming in
and going round
and going round
and going round and...

the time goes by
and we keep waiting on
to find our style...
our style...

and time goes by
and they keep breaking up
and breaking down
and breaking up
and breaking down and
the time goes by

and they keep breaking on
it's just a style
their style

I got issues like a magazine
your on the cover of at least 3
and your hair is perfect
and the sway in your smile


your in style.


Demonstration LP
above and beneath LP

singles - "RHYME", "I'M SORRY", "MAYA"
WFUV 90.7 FM (Fordham University)
WDBM 88.9 FM (East Lansing MI)
WLR 95.1/97.5 FM (Waterford, Ireland)
WTTS 92.3FM (Indianapolis, IN)
KMUD 91.1FM (Redway, CA)
WOBO 88.5FM (Norwood, OH)
WSHR 91.9FM (Lake Ronkonkoma, NY)

Set List

In NYC Joshua typically plays one set, 6-8 songs in length. Outside the city he plays two or more sets... in average 8-10 songs in length. When he plays covers, they are songs by Jeff Buckley, Sting, Peter Gabriel, U2, Foo Fighters.