Joshua Lamb / Mitch Lavin

Joshua Lamb / Mitch Lavin


Josh and Mitch are songwriters with a Nashville and Chicago influence. The label doesn't matter. Country, Rock, or anything in between, if it's good music, play it and play it LOUD!

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Just Love You

Written By: Joshua S. Lamb / Mitch Lavin

Just Love You
©2012 Joshua S. Lamb

I know that I've been working too hard this year
Every time I walk out that door, I'm not sure it's clear
That every moment I spend chasing that dream
Is for you and the life we've built here

Today I'm not gonna go
There's something I want you to know


Girl I wanna show you where my mind's been
I've been dancing in circle inside my head with my best friend
I've been waking up in a hotel room
Tangled sheets, just me and you
And the work is done
There's nothing left to do
But just love you

Close your eyes and let this memory burn
Feel my touch on your skin
Hang on to every word
When this world come calling I want you to know
I don't wanna but I gotta go

I'll be out there on the road somewhere
In my mind I'll be right here


Dancing in circles with my best friend
Reliving every moment of this memory we’re in
I'll be waking up in a hotel room
Tangled sheets just me and you
The work is done
Nothing left to do
But just love you

I refuse to let another second go by
With you believing when I’m gone
That you’re not right here by my side
(Repeat Chorus)