Joshua Owens

Joshua Owens

 Calhoun, Georgia, USA

Envision large bodies of water, pristine wilderness, wildlife, freedom...


My name is Joshua Owens. That's my birth name straight from the womb, no flashy promotional tactics used here. There is no goal, audience, or fan-base I am trying to reach, achieve, or influence. I play music that "I" enjoy and music that means something to "me". But since we are all the same I guess that translates into playing music that "you" will hopefully enjoy and get something out of as well. Whether it's sadness, joy, anger, or boredom; I hope you at least receive some sort of emotional return from listening to me speak... in song form. Thanks so much.


Wilderness Wanderer

Written By: Joshua Owens

It started with a plan / to fix what I had done
To find myself again / when I saw what I’d become
When I left my home / to live down underneath
The ground became my bed / and from that I chose to sleep

As the animals head out / I follow from behind
I throw away my things / and I start to lose my mind
So caught up by the sound / and searching for your help
Too distracted by the lack of words / to listen for myself

Lost out in the rain / washed back by the sea
I’ll meet you on that mountain / where you promised you would be

Living in the cold / Fairbanks back in May
I’m a wilderness wanderer / and I will find my way

I was warmed by the sun / rocked by the winds
Sheltered by the trees / and brought back to life again

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