Joshua Park

Joshua Park


This lyrically driven singer/songwriter consistently delivers poignant songs derived from his own life experience and the ever evolving world that surrounds him. With a raw passion that is evident within each note, Joshua brings an energy to the stage that truly has an impact on every listener.


Joshua Park has emerged as an exciting new addition to the Philly local music scene. His debut EP entitled, "City Living", was released to a sold out audience at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia in 2006. This lyrically driven singer/songwriter counts John Prine, Dan Bern, and Mason Jennings among his strongest influences, and consistently delivers poignant songs derived from his own life experience and the ebb and flow of his surrounding world. With a raw passion that is evident with every note, Joshua brings an energy to the stage that has a true impact on every listener.

As an Air Force brat, Joshua frequently moved around the country and soon came realize the role music could play in creating new relationships. "It doesn't matter where you are from, music can bring people together."

Joshua's strong pull towards songwriting took shape in high school and found real life after going away to college in 1996. Away at school, Joshua learned how to play the guitar and give a musical accent to his lyrics. Playing local coffeehouses with close friends quickly made it clear how rewarding it could be to play live shows. "I never wanted to spend time with nervous energy. Writing and singing came naturally, and so performing live has always been exciting and fun, even in the beginning."

Joshua got married in 1999 and continued to focus on songwriting, while pursuing his Master's Degree in Education and expanding his horizons in the discovery of new music. His early inclination of observing interactions in his relationships remained a constant theme in his music, and Joshua found new insight everyday in the songs of musicians he respected the most. "I have always gathered inspiration from musicians all around me; from close friends to the albums of legendary songwriters like Jeff Buckley, Tom Petty, and Bob Dylan. The most beneficial lesson to date has been finding the freedom to pour emotion in to the melodies of my songs."

Moving to Philadelphia in 2001 opened a whole new door of live music in the thriving scene of Philly's singer/songwriter community. Attending local shows of artists such as Birdie Busch, Cowmuddy, and Amos Lee provided motivation and a serious drive to continue writing music. Joshua also began to seek out open mic nights around the city to get back into playing for an audience. "I always thought it was great that you could just take your songs to an open stage, no matter who you were, and be heard."

The end of his marriage began a new chapter in Joshua's life and he turned with full force into his music to find solace. Relying on his own songwriting abilities and the music of others helped create a balance as he adjusted to new truths. "Songwriting for me is kind of like a sneak attack on my own psyche; it helped me to release my emotions, answer hidden questions, and look ahead at what comes next."

Joshua continued to grow with new life and a bright love which led him to explore local venues again with an impressive array of new music. In the fall of 2005 he quickly became a regular at World Cafe Live's open mic night, "Philly Rising". Being voted the Stand Out Performer for December in the "Philly Rising" monthly competition, allowed Joshua to record his first EP, adding the sounds of longtime friend Jamie Moffett on djembe, at Milkboy Studios in Ardmore, PA.

Joshua has truly found a home in performing his music, and a new EP "One Wish" recorded with a full band is on the horizon to be released in the fall. With bare feet, raw talent, and heartfelt verses, Joshua Park continues to captivate his audiences one song at a time as he lives in every word. "Hearing someone sing a song that you have created is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a musician, and I look forward to every single one of those moments."


City Living

Written By: Joshua Heard Park

city living
joshua heard park ©2006

i wanna ride the wave home
i wanna sail into the dawn
stay in bed so long
won’t you come along

i wanna stay up past eight
and i would never hesitate
if i want i could always be late
so what if i exaggerate

city living isn’t so bad
you know, when the living is glad

i wanna run to the train
and i could balance on a string
see the thunderclouds rolling in
and hail a cab if it rains

city living isn’t so bad
you know, when the living is glad

i wanna watch the band break
i’ll then exist on their wake
just keep on drinking until three
oh, come along and see

city living isn’t so bad
you know, when the living is glad

One Wish

Written By: Joshua Heard Park

one wish
joshua heard park ©2006

one wish
should i hang my leprous head within
i will not wash my guilty hands in sin
lies and truth are blended eyes up dim
still i swim

when i wake, when i wake
should i go or should i stay
when i wake, when i wake
i will stay

new day
face turned down a glass of wine i’d say
something stronger no need to bury along the way
sit don’t stare but ruminate and stay
come what may

when i wake, when i wake
should i go or should i stay
when i wake, when i wake
i will stay

you gotta wake up once a day at least
and breathe yourself to sleep
you gotta love some people by your side
and pay the bills before you die

one wish
i wanna live with all that is within
there is no stab, no nail to drive in sin
now i’m seeing through a glass so stained up dim
and still i swim

and i wake up once a day at least
and i breathe myself to sleep
and i love somebody by my side
pay the bills..

wake up…
and love…


City Living EP :: Released April 2006

Streaming ::

Radio Airplay :: "Hometown Heroes" 93.7WSTW
"Live at the Writers House" 88.5WXPN
"Philly Local Show" 88.5WXPN

Set List

Setlist.World Cafe Live. 25Nov06.

basement shrines II
the train
the quill
city living
no chairs
no mermaid (cover)
red fish, blue fish
don't think twice (cover)
one wish
she danced
new speedway boogie (cover)