Joshua's Choice

Joshua's Choice

 Plainfield, Illinois, USA

Joshuas Choice is Classic rock with a modern edge. The bands members have combined their wide range of backgrounds and musical influences into a souful and powerful rock machine, comitted to giving God the glory through their music.


Joshuas Choice was origionally formed in 2000. The bands name comes from a statement Joshua made in the Old Testament " for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Josh 24:15
If you added up the different influences which make up the chemistry of this band it would be quite a list. Each of the members input shows clear evidence of a broad range of musical tastes, varying all across the board from classical, folk, blues, jazz, alternative, classic & alternative rock and even metal. Combined together their music could best be described as Classic Rock with a modern edge. The bands uniqueness appeals to many different audiences. Their debut cd Are You Ready? has widespread appeal to beleivers and non-believers alike and is an eclectic mix of soulful ballads and bluesy praise.It was produced by Alby Odum (Daniel's Window) The band plays many shows throughout the year, and three of their songs are currently receiving radio airplay.


Debut cd - Are You Ready? 2006
available as a download at
From Love to Light, Are You Ready, Awesome God,
can be heard on The Hawk 97.3fm
a few other songs can also be heard at,
From Love to Light was released on the Indevo Records cd sampler in 2007

Set List

Their set list varies from night to night, they usually play anywhere between a half hour to three hours, playing origionals and covers as well. On average they play about two 1 hour sets with a fifteen minute break in the middle, but are not limited to this.
A typical set list will vary depending on the venue
(They have about three hours of music in their collection)