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Joshua Seth - Mentalist

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
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The best kept secret in music



“Seth starts determining which single cards two women picked from a deck of 52, by asking them questions and watching their involuntary reactions. Where things started to get mind-blow-y, however, was a bit that followed in which Seth, his back turned to another gentleman from the audience, was able to determine each of the, say, eight to 10 cards the man pulled from a deck.

The night continued to be spooky-cool from there as Seth did his best John Edward impression, calling out for members of the audience (“Is that you, Eunice?”) and correctly guessing personal information about them — trips they’ve taken, types and names of pets, etc. Either Seth is spending a good chunk of change to rig a small performance place with bugs or filling it with audience plants or, just maybe, he is truly psychic. (As a learned man, I believe that not to be true, but telling folks you’re not psychic when in fact you are would be a clever way to go about things. I’m just saying.)” - The News Herald

""A Must See!""

“Intriguing, fascinating, fun, confounding, involving and surprising are just some of the words I heard from the audience after the opening night performance of BEYOND BELIEF, award-winning Joshua Seth’s display of illusion at Playhouse Square’s Kennedy’s-Down-Under. (The theatre is located below the Ohio Theatre’s lobby.)
Psychological Illusionist, voice-over artist, hypnotist and mystery entertainer are all names that have been used to describe Kent native Joshua Seth. He’s “one of the busiest illusionists touring the globe today.” Seth, who lives in Bath and was brought up in Akron, recently returned from yet another cruise. This time he was performing on a ship going around the Hawaiian Islands. Immediately after his opening night performance here, he was jumping on a plane to fly to Baltimore, where he was to perform before over 3000 midshipmen at the Annapolis Naval Academy….
The Kennedy space is a perfect venue because it is intimate and allows for immediate interaction with the spectators. Due to the small venue, everyone gets into the act. (Yes, he even got a Times newspaper theatre critic on stage.) Seth conjured up people’s numbers, names, hobbies, pets’ names and travel desires. It’s fun, it’s astounding, it’s a delight for everyone.
The “kid reviewers,” my grandsons Alex (15), Noah (13) and Ian (11), who often go to shows to give the viewpoint of younger audiences, were perched on their front row seats, laughing, cheering, guessing how Seth did the illusions, and they left full of excitement and delight. Yes, it’s a show for everyone, young and old alike. (I’d recommend that the kids be 10 or over.)
Capsule judgment: Beyond Belief: An Intimate Evening of Psychological Illusion is a one of a kind experience that is a must see! Call for tickets immediately, as the show, in its present run, will only be offered three more dates (Thu 2/3, Thu 3/3 and Thu 3/24), and the 80 seats will go fast as the word gets out. Fun, delightful, full of intrigue, a MUST SEE!
Roy Berko
Member, American Theatre Critics Association - Times Theater Review

""A One-Of-A-Kind High-Energy Show”"

"A One-Of-A-Kind High-Energy Show” - Campus Activities Magazine

""Amazingly Captivating""

"Amazingly Captivating" - American Entertainment Magazine



“Best Event We’ve Had on Campus!” - Stanford University
“Laughed so hard it made me cry” - US Naval Academy
“This show was phenomenal… captivating” - Brookdale College
“Excellent! Great performer, great attendance” - Towson University
“Joshua Rocked!” - Misericordia University
“That Was An Awesome Show!” - Florida Gulf Coast University
“By far the best show we’ve had this year” - Rochester Institute of Technology
“A great time” - University of Southern California
“Great Show. Awesome turnout. Best so far!” - Univ. of Southern Maine
“Joshua had the entire audience engaged” - Pace University
“5 Star Performer” - Saint Anselm College



In his award winning mentalism show “Beyond Belief”, Joshua Seth creates an atmosphere of mystery and laughter that will absolutely freak you out.

American Entertainment Magazine calls it “Amazingly Captivating” and Campus Activities Magazine says "It's a one-of-a-kind high-energy show". Minds are read, predictions come true, and your imagination is challenged Beyond Belief.

Nominated as 2012's "Best Male Artist" AND "Best Live Novelty Artist" by Campus Activities Magazine, Mentalist Joshua Seth performs a fast-paced, high-energy show that weaves interactive-comedy with the mysteries of the human mind. This show will have your students pumped up and blown-away from start to finish!

Joshua Seth is one of the busiest mentalists touring the globe today. He's been featured on 4 of his own TV specials in both Korea and Japan, has toured the world as one of the most popular acts on Princess Cruises, and is a favorite at over 150 colleges across the USA.

Even if you've never seen him perform live, you've definitely heard his voice. Joshua played the starring role of “Tai” on the #1 rated animated TV Show and Movie “Digimon”, various voices in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie, and had voiced over 50 other TV Series and Films.

Joshua is a Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts Award Winner and has been featured in the United States on Kids WB, ABC Family, The CW, the Discovery Channel, and Fox Kids.