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joshuas Habit


Joshuas Habit is a band with raw emotion and power influenced by the sheer energy of their live performance. The music is melodic, diverse, and hook driven.


It has been a wild ride for the Canadian boys of Joshuas Habit. In the less than 2 years that the band has been together, they have released a 3 song EP, a 14 track full album entitled
‘Images of Energy’ which they have sold well over 1500 copies independently, and an 11 track acoustic album . They have received commercial radio play on a regular basis on a number of Canadian FM stations. They have toured all of Alberta, the BC interior and showcased in Toronto for Canadian Music Week 2003, all the while building an ever growing contingent of loyal ‘Habit’ fans. A wild ride indeed; and the journey has only begun.

Joshua’s Habit has put their heart and soul into a second full album entitled ‘Contents Highly Addictive’. This explosive disk showcases the raw emotion and power influenced by the sheer energy of their live performances. It’s an album about life, changes, motivation, and good old school 'Rawk' and Roll. The album is melodic, diverse, and hook driven. Todd Kerns (Age of Electric front man) produced the 1st single entitled 'Flipside' which showcases all of the above.

Joshua’s Habit continues to give it all on their road to stardom. The members of Joshua’s Habit all share a common goal. That is to write ‘Good’ songs and perform them live with explosive energy and emotion. With the new release ‘Contents Highly Addictive’ due out in late January 2004, Joshua’s Habit plans to push the envelope and take this band to a brand new level. They are prepared to expose their truly original music and highly energized show not only to this great Canadian nation, but to the entire world.


Joshuas Habit Self Titled 3 song EP
Joshuas Habit - Images of Energy. Full album released in the summer of 2002. 1st single, The Habit, received radio play in Calgary, Edmonton, Lloydminster.
Joshuas Habit - Contents Highly Addictive. Full Album due out late January. The 1st single, Flipside, will be promoted through a radio tracker and publicist. Also, the single is Receiving major label attention at the moment.

Set List

45 minute set featuring 95 - 100 percent original material.

Who Am I
The Habit
Hold On
Bunkbed In Amsterdam
You Can't Have Me
Get Laid