Joshua Slamp

Joshua Slamp


I'm a Vocalist & Instrumentalist. I pride myself on my musical versatility & live performance. Swaying from Singer/Songwriter to Jazz Blues Guitarist, I can be up-front and engaging in large venues or slip into the background for more intimate settings.


"Loop-based Improvisation"

Upon first listen, one might think the sounds that emanate from this lone guitarist must be coming from a prerecorded tape or CD. How could a soloist create such lush layers with just a guitar? Simple, just watch his feet. Equipped with two real-time loop pedals and his trusty guitar-synth, Joshua performs, then captures the song's rhythmic structure, which creates the foundation for his improvisational texturing. Orchestrating sounds from bass to Hammond B3 to vibraphones, it gives his audience the sense of a full ensemble; there's never a dull moment. Joshua has redefined the meaning of "soloist".


Solo "Sketches" - 2008
SlampSquatch "Creature Feature" EP - 2007
Solo Debut "Self-Titled" - 2005
Fetish Kings "Sex Sells" - 2003