Joshua Stedman
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Joshua Stedman

Miami Beach, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Jazebel Music Review"

"Joshua Stedman: An accomplished vocalist, Joshua's premier performance at the Jezebel Music Songwriter Showcase demonstrated a strong arrangement and repertoire of original songs that convey a surprisingly interesting fusion of folk and R&B." - Jazebel Music Review - Showcase Journal NYC

"Greatness in the Making - Excerpt"

"Joshua's clear and powerful voice... draws you in, slips into your ears and gives you a slow, easy smile as it pours down into your soul. He is captivating. Anyone who understands music and has the privilege of seeing Joshua live will know they are witnessing greatness." - Stacey R. Louiso of Attribute Magazine

"One of the Realest Players..."

Stedman is one of the realest players in the rock/soul movement…quickly connecting with any audience and moving live crowds with his carefully crafted lyrics!
- Scene Newspaper- Mike Thiel

"Greatness in the Making"

To listen to Joshua Stedman’s music on-line you get a little lost in his voice but to experience him performing live, you are likely to get lost not only in his voice but his energy and what he brings to the stage: A rarity in live performing these days, Stedman’s vocal prowess is heavenly, upbeat and personal.

His vocal ability is pretty darn perfect. He sings with a voice that is clear and powerful. He pulls up a chair, draws you in, slips his songs into your ears and gives you a slow, easy smile as they pour down into your soul. He is captivating. One could predict that someday we will see him playing to a more prominent crowd than the ones found in the eastern seaboard towns of South Florida and the swanky lounges of South Beach in Miami. Anyone who understands music and has the privilege of seeing him live at this point in his career, will know, they are witnessing greatness.

Joshua Stedman is much more than a singer on a stage with a guitar—he owns a sort of talent that is given and then explicitly honed. It’s a passion... one that is heard in the lyrics he writes and the joy in his face as he seduces the crowd. He is also a genuinely nice person. He is warm, kind hearted and grateful he has an opportunity to share what he loves with his audience. Stedman doesn’t really like to be pigeon holed by discussing genre but you will hear hints of Sting, Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder in his vocals. His sound is a modern fusion of these artists with his own twist: The twist being his ability to tell you a story and draw you in with each note.
Stedman, who originally hails from the New York City metro area and was schooled in music from an early age; he went on to minor in Music in college. He also attributes his musical tastes from his days living in San Francisco and being inspired by both the local and very eclectic music scene and all that fog!

His debut EP “Un-tangled” is chock full of original music and lyrics he says are his gift back to the world. As he explains it, “I have come to realize that in this world, ego, self-worth and purpose aren’t decided by another; and that not only is it possible to BE a gift to this world, but that it is almost one's duty to find, embrace and share that gift with the world. Ultimately, it gives real meaning to life. This album is my musical diary of the journey towards that discovery -- which still continues today.”

“Un-tangled” contains songs such as The Gift—which was a piece he was commissioned to write by the founder of the pay-it-forward charitable organization, The song has, understandably, become the official theme song for the organization. It’s an upbeat and inspirational song that consists of honest and relatable lyrics. What a Fool I’ve Been, is a hauntingly smooth ballad. His vocals in this song are so passionate, so sexy and so heartfelt you cannot help but listening to it over and over again... learning the lyrics and singing along. This song is a lover’s theme song, full of disdain and self-reflection.

But don’t let this review sway you. Listen for yourself by visiting Joshua Stedman’s Virtual CD at: where you can also get free downloads and purchase his music; you can also follow him on Facebook or befriend him on MySpace Music. The best way to experience this incredibly talented musician is live. So if you are in South Florida, check out Stedman’s fan pages for dates or sign up for his fan club newsletters. - Attribute Magazine - Stacey R. Louiso


The Gift (Single)



Mix Sting with Stevie Wonder, Seal, Jamiroquai and The Beatles. You’ll be poured a sonic-cocktail of Joshua Stedman. His sound resonates as a slow, reflective pour of these classic and modern influential artists.

Inspired during siren-laden Manhattan midnights, foggy San Fran mornings, and the radiant heat from Miami’s sultry night life… Joshua’s triple-city canvas enriches musical sculptures carved from the introspective realities of life, relationship, and society's turbulent influences.

Classic soul nuances unleash a deep, open-ended rock-funk that underscores catchy melodic overlays... a sound woven from funk/soul/jazz roots, winding chord arrangements, interlaced subtleties on Rhodes, Wurlitzer and B3 ivories, and elusive guitar riffs atop deep organic bass lines.

Joshua’s addictive melodies and story-telling are fueled by a distinctly bright and smoothly breathy vocal that pours out an honesty that seduces the ear from fade-in to fade-out.