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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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"L. A. Live with Josh Vietti and Earth Wind and Fire"

In star-studded Los Angeles, set changes
are nothing new. The possibility of rain on Wednesday night is resulting in an exciting new venue for “Hooray Los Angeles,” International Pow Wow’s closing party. L.A. Live, a world- class entertainment complex conveniently located adjacent to the convention center, will serve as an ideal — and weatherproof — place to celebrate the final night.

A shining example of the growth of Downtown Los Angeles as a tourism destination, L.A. Live opened in 2009.
“L.A. Live serves as the host to hundreds of high-profile entertainment events every year including the Grammy Awards, the Emmy Awards, and the GLAAD Awards just in the last several months,” said Don Skeoch, chief
Buyers: save your ticket from today’s lunch for a chance to win big! Winners of American Express Travelers Cheques ($5,000 and $2,500) will be drawn at 4:00 p.m. in the Main Lounge.
marketing officer at the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board.
“Hooray Los Angeles’ will be a rockin’ party,” said Patti MacJennett, the board’s senior vice president of business affairs.
The evening event will take place at the Event Deck at L.A. Live, a 106,000-square-foot venue where delegates will savor fine cuisine, provided by Wolfgang Puck catering, as well as the legendary wines of southern California.
The live entertainment is sure to keep delegates moving to the beat. Performers include: hip-hop violinist Josh Vietti; DJ Roonie G; and award-winning singer Nikka Costa. Earth, Wind & Fire, which has won six Grammy Awards and has sold more than 90 million albums worldwide, is the headline act, sponsored by the Grammy Museum.

- US Travel Association

"International Pow Wow's Splashy Parties"

Wrapping up Pow Wow's major parties was the "Hooray Los Angeles" closing-night gala for 3,500 on Wednesday. Producers of that event didn't have the benefit of a huge-scale, permanent production like a Cirque show or an amusement park ride to make a splash, but nevertheless found plenty of tricks up their sleeves. EventWorks—led by Janet Elkins, Ted Bowers, and Greg Holford—produced the event at the Event Deck at L.A. Live, after a forecast of rain forced a move from the original location, California Plaza. An array of entertainment offerings packed the party, including hip-hop violinist Josh Vientti; the Aqualillies; Nikka Costa, who performed courtesy of West Hollywood's Sunset Strip Music Festival; and a Grammy Museum-sponsored concert by headliners Earth, Wind & Fire, followed by dance music with DJ Ronnie G. Wolfgang Puck catered dinner at the event, where various stations represented local regions, like Pasadena and West Hollywood. - BIZBASH

"Austin Fashion Week Awards - Josh Vietti"

Austin Fashion Award Winners were announced Saturday August 25th at the ceremony in the Austin Music Hall. The show featured brand new collections from Margarita Saplala, Ross Bennett, Kendra Scott and Jessica Ciarla. Sandy McIlree of the JB & Sandy Morning Show and pop violinist Josh Vietti entertained the crowd of approximately 1300, which concluded a week long series of events which included select designers from Austin and around the world. - AM FM Magazine

"Hip Hop Violinist Josh Vietti entertains"

The violin, known commonly for classic and contemporary sound, has become an integral tool for a Los Angeles hip hop violinist.

Tuesday afternoon Josh Vietti, from Los Angeles, entertained students and faculty at Jefferson Community College.

Veitti mixes an improvisation of sounds, rhythms and genres of modern music together with his classical training in violin.

He says that he is able to please a diverse crowd by understanding that everyone’s taste in music is different. Vietti says that he will walk into a show with an idea of what he will play, but he will feed off of the crowd to customize each performance.

He began playing music at the age of 4, and soon received a scholarship to the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the age of 7. But it wasn’t until 2006 when Vietti moved his work to the streets of LA and began to spread his talent of blending sounds of classic and modern music together.

Now, Vietti tours around the country blending together his passion for music and people. Recently, Vietti recorded a track for Cee Lo Green, multi-Grammy winning recording artist, and in November of 2011, he performed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
- ABC News

"Hip Hop and pop violinist Josh Vietti performs at SU"

Talented violinist Josh Vietti performed various genres of music such as his specialties, hip-hop and pop, as well as a twinge of country, Irish music and more at the Ceddia Union Building at Shippensburg University on Thursday, Feb. 23.

Vietti’s main goal during each of his shows is to get as much audience involvement as he could. Interacting with the crowd and livening-up the atmosphere is what Vietti strives to accomplish during his up-beat performances.

“Basically, what makes my show is that it’s interactive,” Vietti said. “That would be the key. Interaction. Having fun. If people are not into a certain thing, I’m going to go to the next song,” he said. Vietti started off the show with a popular cover of “Lean Back” by rapper Fat Joe.

“I also played ‘Lean Back’ on the Ellen DeGeneres show; my own classical arrangement to it,” Vietti said. “After I did that, I think the date was Nov. 14, 2011, on Twitter, Reservoir Media, a publishing group that owns the rights to that song and represents Mr. Scott Storch, the producer, tweeted me on Twitter and Scott Storch, who is a mega producer and produced that song and was like, ‘Hey check out this crazy, awesome classical violin version of ‘Lean Back.’ That was awesome because they’re a huge publishing company,” he said.

For the complete article please clink the link. - The Slate - Shippensburg Univ

"The Stars Celebrate the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational"

At the gala inside Aria’s convention center, the celebrities dined on a gourmet selection of dishes from Barmasa, Sage, Jean Georges Steakhouse, American Fish and Sirio Ristorante.

Jordan kicked back at a front-and-center table with fiancée Yvette Prieto, who looked stunning in a floor-length, leopard-print dress and sleek pony tail. Jordan enjoyed his meal while chatting with Aria president Bill McBeath, hockey legend Mario Lemieux and his 2011 MJCI winning partner Toni Kukoc.

Pumping up the crowd, hip-hop violinist Josh Vietti gave a spectacular performance. Joined by a bevy of beautiful dancers on a stage high above the crowd, Josh performed melodies from current pop hits and unexpected numbers like the theme songs from “Sesame Street” and “The Simpsons.” Cedric the Entertainer took to the stage to deliver a hilarious performance that had MJ doubled over with laughter, before Las Vegas native and Grammy Award-winning artist Ne-Yo brought down the house with a private concert of songs including “Tonight,” “Closer” and “Because of You.”

For the complete article please clink the link. - Haute

"Violinist plays familiar favorites"

When most people think of violins, their minds usually go straight to classical music. Yet, there’s a new breed of violinists and one’s name is Josh Vietti. On Jan. 24, Radford University was privileged to have Vietti perform in the Bonnie Auditorium.
Since he was four years old, Vietti has always played the violin, even earning a scholarship at the young age of seven to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, where he studied for 10 years. Finally, in 2006, Vietti made a career out of his love for music, playing as a street performer and selling his demo CD on the streets of L.A. His most recent work and performances go from touring colleges all over, to performing on the highly acclaimed Ellen Degeneres Show and even, currently, preparing to open for R&B artist Ne-Yo soon.

For the complete article please clink the link. - The Tartan - Radford Univ

"‘Hip-hop violinist’ entertains JCC crowd"

Josh S. Vietti, violinist, blends classical music and pop culture with ease.
Although he was billed as a “hip hop violinist” for his performance at Jefferson Community College’s McVean Student Center on Tuesday afternoon, he could play old-school country, television theme songs and even metal tunes when put on the spot.
“To me, the crowd is a resource,” he said, clad in a black T-shirt with the words “Sick Beats” emblazoned across it. “I want to make them happy.”
He began his professional musical career busking the streets of Santa Monica in 2006.
“I struggled for the first five years. I’d perform in the rain,” he said. “I paid my dues in the street.”

Back then, he had only seconds to capture the interest of pedestrians.
“I started learning how to read people,” he said. “Most people don’t want to just listen to classical music.” - Watertown Daily Times

"JCC hosts concert with hip hop violinist"

Johann Sebastian Bach. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Antonio Vivaldi. Just a few of the world famous musicians who composed some pretty amazing music for the violin. In fact, their classical sound is what most violinists still play today. But our Brian Dwyer introduces us someone who's mixing it up. Josh Vietti, a California native, made the trip to Watertown with his own spin on that classical sound.

WATERTOWN, N.Y. -- The worlds of classical music and hip hop collided in Watertown as Jefferson Community College played host to a very different kind of concert.

Southern California native Josh Vietti brought his violin across the country, mixing those classical sounds with today's music.

Vietti, who's classically trained, started street performing about six years ago and has gathered quite the following. He's currently on a tour of 60 colleges across the country.

A few months ago, he played on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Voetto says it's only a matter of time before this kind of music takes off.

"It's hard to describe me. I'm not a singer. I'm not a rapper. A lot of the old school mentality of the music industry, producers, executives, they're like, 'How can we market this?' But it pretty much crosses all genres, ethnicities, ages and everybody loves it," Vietti said.

Vietti says the key to his shows is the interaction with the crowd. - YNN Syracuse

"Pop Violinist Performs At JCC"

It's a modern twist on a classical instrument.

Pop violinist Josh Vietti played his rendition of the today's hits at Jefferson Community College on Tuesday.

Vietti puts his own twist on popular music, from hip hop to country classics.

Vietti has been playing the violin since he was four years old and is in the middle of a college campus tour.

You may have even seen him perform on "Ellen."

He was a guest on the talk show last year. - FOX 28


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Josh Vietti is a hip hop/pop violinist from southern California. He has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, opened for Ne-Yo, Fabolous, Earth Wind & Fire, performed at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas, and just wrapped up a nationwide 60 date college tour this past year. He has another 60-100 college dates this upcoming fall and spring.

Josh has played the violin since he was four years old. At the age of seven, he received a violin scholarship with virtuoso Mischa Lefkowitz of the LA Philharmonic and studied with him for over ten years.

In 2006, he decided to make a career out of his passion for music. He started playing as a street performer at local venues around Los Angeles.

As a street performer Josh engaged the crowd and created his own concert hall by playing pop, jazz, hip hop, country and gospel, with his own improvisational style.

Through this humble 'pay if you like it' approach Josh has made the acquaintance of the entertainment elite, performing in front of Clint Eastwood, Sela Ward, Les Moonves, Julie Chen, Bruce M. Ramer and Vicente Fox. Josh Vietti has sold over 45,000 demo CDs from the trunk of his car.

Josh has also performed twice with the Los Angeles Ballet Academy and was featured in the 2010 NBA All-Star Game commercial narrated by Common. He was also featured on CBS 7, ABC and YNN Time Warner Cable in Watertown, New York for his performance at Jefferson Community College in Watertown, New York in January of 2012.

Most recently Vietti was the featured performer for the 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Convention in Toronto, Canada. While in Toronto, Josh was also interviewed on the popular classic rock station Q107 by radio host Kim Mitchell. After the interview he jammed live on air to a loop of Led Zepplin's "Kashmir".