Josh Walker

Josh Walker


All American Rock N' Roll with catchy hooks and searing guitar solos.


Originally from South Carolina, Josh Walker has taken New Yorks music scene by storm with his infectious melodies, driving rhythms and searing guitar solos. Fueled by his fire to rock out in front of a live audience, he and his guitar headed north to New York where he performed for Pamela Anderson on Howard Stern. He was invited back to play for Simon Cowell who told him: You have a great voice. Josh has also appeared on FUSE and frequently makes his rounds at NYC's Bitter End, Knitting Factory, and Viper Room (LA). Armed with a fierce back-up band and an arsenal of new tunes, Josh Walker is delivering one of the best live shows around. Dont miss it.


currently working with producers Rich Keller and Freddie Levine (Sony Music Studios)

Set List

45 minutes of pureness.