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Picking Up the Pieces

Written By: Joshua Webster

Vs. 1 I went to bed last night in your arms, and I woke up all alone. Trying to pick up all the pieces, and trying to make it on my own. I started thinking about the last few days, and this relationship that's gone. And even if you're lying next to me, there's no use in holding on. You were gone before you walked out that door, I know that I was too. I know it might take quite some time, I know that I'll be doing fine. But you won't break my heart anymore.
Vs. 2 I went out drinking to forget her name, and a new one took her place. I won't remember you tomorrow morn, but her memory is erased. Though this love it feels so wrong, it will have to do today, because these painful memories are threatening to stay. Who are you? Will you love me too, or leave me all alone? looking for love's alright, but it isn't right tonight. Why don't you pack up and walk right out that door.
Vs. 3 Just like a stained glass window masterpiece, I'm broken, bruised, but still intact. And though I have these fits of tears, around you I know how to act. And if it hurts for years to come I've learned that there's no use in looking back. This train that you've derailed so well has switched to a new track. I've given up my chains, so I can make a change. I'm regaining my mind. I have loosened all my binds. And though it feels just like a crime, this cold dark cloud won't rest outside of my door.

Kings and Queens

Written By: Joshua Webster

Vs. 1 Son this is a song to let you know about this world. So caught up on money, cars, and girls. You'd be surprised how little it all really means, all the silver and gold will always gleam. Stay focused on the things that mean the most to you. Keep your eyes up to the sky, your family close to you. Keep your head held high, but don't turn up your nose. Every one has been on top and everyone has been low. Here's a lesson in the world's history. At one point in time, Africans were free. Native Americans ruled the new world, and Catholic priests didn't damage young boys and girls. Government was run by and for the people then, now it's corrupt and run totally on greed and sin. Religious decisions gave a moral code for life. They didn't create jihads, or wars, and fuel the fights.

Chorus: We're kings and we're queens. Let me take you back in time, before we thought of time it terms of you and I. We're kings and we're queens Arabian or Jew, black or white you know it's true, I can see can you?

Vamp: T-A-L-I-B D-O-N-A-V- A-N- L-U-C- I-U-S (x2)

Vs. 2 In the promised land, Solomon he was a king. He built great, great temples, but still did stupid things. What is the worth of all the wisdom in the world if it's wasted on an overindulgence of girls, girls, girls, will adore. Just don't let them be your focus 'cause they'll always leave you hopeless. Leave you broken in spirit and poor. Now son, I can't show you how to be a man. All I can do is show you what I've built with these two hands. The decisions you make will shape the man you'll be. We all make wrong decisions sometimes, but you'll see.


Rap: I dreamed a dream the other day, as many men have done. And though each dream is different, they're each like the other one. Some men are born for greatness, and others, their support. But all are born to do great things of this I may report. That whether fame or money be the measure of your man, no person in this world defines you. Save yourself, you can. And if you're bred for gentleness bring others up with you. And if your back supports the world, then give Atlas his due. But if you're born to soar the heavens then God will make you wings, and if you're born to carry burdens then you must learn to sing. This world will always Trouble you, so stay focused on your dreams. For when your destiny's fulfilled you'll sit on thrones with kings.