Josh Weller
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Josh Weller

London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Q Magazine"

“Shock-headed one-man band/performance artist Josh Weller throws together calypso, musical hall,
demented sea shanties and Bavarian folk music into an intoxicating musical gambo.” Q - Net Big Thing

"Clash Magazine"

"...all the lyrical scathing and wry observation of a young Elvis Costello" - Rob Dabrowski

"Elle Magazine France"

"Denicher un des groupes de l'ete - le londonien swing Josh Weller" - ..

"The Observer UK"

"Josh Weller's debut single, a hilariously perverse ode to female beauty, marks out the shock-haired young londoner as a distinctive songwriting talent to look out for." - Download Essentials

"The Guardian"

"He's in the tradition of vengeful speccy nerds from Buddy Holly, to Elvis Costello, who made a brilliant career out of venting his spleen, mainly at women. His debut single, Pretty Girls, is a sort of male response to Kate Nash's Foundations. Deceptively jaunty, it's about "good-looking schmucks" and "ageing It Girls." - Paul Lester

"Time Out London"

"Sun-Stoked Quirk Pop" - Time Out London

- Listings

"The Fly"

“This incredibly spindly young talent is a striking performer, looking dapper in sharp suit, bowtie, and horn-rimmed glasses, which poke out of a huge disheveled hair." - The Fly - Live review


"Try watching a Steve Martin movie or two, Bugsy Malone or anything by Larry David and you’ll come closer to understanding the essence of his lyrical content” - ArtRocker - Dave Depares

"BBC London radio"

"Freakishly talented, with dark twists and turns stitched into his every song's fabric, each story remains full of irresistible realism and humour." - BBC London radio - Gary Crowley


Push EP - 4 track EP available across the world on I-Tunes and as a limited cd release in the UK.

A multi-instrumentalist, Josh played many of the parts here himself. The EP was produced by Ryan
Hadlock (The Gossip, Soko, Johnny Flynn) and Iain Harvie (The Maccabees).

The lead single "Push" has been played on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music and XFM in the UK. As well as playlisted on french and swiss radios (Le Mouv and Couleur 3)

As an exclusive preview you can hear "Break your heart in two" produced by Eliot James (Kaiser Chiefs, Noah & the Whale, Bloc Party)



If Josh Weller's life were a musical - and he gives every indication of believing that it is - it'd be one hell
of a topsy-turvy show. The script would be by Woody Allen, with direction from Tim Burton. It would
have Chet Baker singing duets with Tom Waits under a wonky spotlight and Fred Astaire skipping around
on the walls and ceiling.
And at the centre of this upside-down cabaret? The young gentleman with the bow tie and the precipitous
hair giving no quarter with his guitar? Yes, that's Mr Weller, and tonight he'll be performing something
rather special from his own songbook…
This brilliant new four-track EP, PUSH, is a succinct introduction to Josh Weller's utterly unique musical
habitat. It abounds with exuberant narratives, witty one-liners and the gay stomp of old show tunes, all
fed through a modern pop sensibility.
Josh, whose fortunes have taken him from the island of Borneo to the wilds of east London, is as adept at
locating the outlandish in the everyday as he is at coaxing humour out of heartbreak. He can't abide
“songs written so that they relate to everyone, like horoscopes” - instead, he delights in the particular, the
idiosyncratic. His wryly observational song writing casts an eye on the behaviour of strangers,
acquaintances, and ex-girlfriends, without overlooking his own finely tuned neuroses.

The PUSH EP is merely the opening number onto a hugely promising career - Josh is working on his first album to come out in 2010.