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Josiah James

Auburn, California, United States | SELF

Auburn, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Christian


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"EP Review - Oceans "8/10""

Josiah James, aside from having a cool name, has put out some cool music. His new 8-song EP is bursting with catchy tunes and an inordinate amount of passion. For a guy who’s been at it from an early age, he manages to juggle a perfect mix of coffee shop minimalism and revival meeting spirituality. This is definitely not one to pass up and should inspire most listeners to be on the lookout for both his previous and forthcoming releases. - Indie Vision Music

"CD Review - All Forgotten Things "8/10""

I really liked this album. I think Josiah James has a sound that is unique in the Christian music scene, which could be compared to such mainstream acts as Jack’s Mannequin. The concept for the album is interesting and thought-provoking. This album was completely self-produced which makes it even more impressive because the quality is flawless, especially the vocal talent of Josiah James, and the instrumental talent of the musicians on the record. I believe that this album has great potential both in the Christian and mainstream markets alike. - Indie Vision Music

""Christmas song of the year" - Second to Toby Mac"

The competition for “Free Christmas Song of the Year” ended up being between only two nominees, TobyMac and Josiah James. Considering Toby is one of the biggest names in Christian music right now, his 76% victory is no surprise at all. However, despite the competition, indie artist Josiah James still managed to get a very respectable 24% of the vote. -

"Trevor Kelly of He Is We"

"All Forgotten Things is great record. Love this guy and his tunes!" - Twitter

"Shaeleen Puckett of Poema"

All Forgotten Things is good stuff! - Twitter

"Lincoln Brewster"

"Josiah James is a great song writer and I can't stop listening to his new record, "All Forgotten Things". Great guy and very talented!" - Twitter

"Michael Watson of ABOVE THE GOLDEN STATE"

All Forgotten Things is unforgettable! - Twitter

"Moises Navarro of Moi"

Josiah's stuff is awesome! I love the melodies and the song writing is outstanding. Good stuff! - Moises Navarro of Moi

"SN&R Review #1"

"...hey were absolutely killing it. And so was Josiah James (a spitting image of Conor Oberst). It became clear that James, with his emo crooning and comfortable stage presence, had more talent in his deep V-neck Gap T-shirt than I have in my entire body."

-Josh Fernandez - Sacramento News & Review Magazine

"SN&R Review #2"

It’s easy to dismiss Josiah James as just another dude trying to make teenage girls swoon, but anyone in his increasingly large fan base will let you know that this kid has serious talent. His songs reflect his positive outlook on life, which isn’t a bad thing: At 19, he’s a little too young to be jaded by life. That doesn’t happen until you make the serious bucks. K.M. - Sacramento News & Review

"Tour With Future of Forestry"

Josiah James toured with and opened for Future of Forestry for 20 dates on the "Advent Christmas Tour" through OR, WA, CA, AZ, NV. - Secret Service Entertainment


Josiah James has been nominated for Sacramento's bands of the year as "Outstanding Teen Band". - SN&R

"Top Radio ZONE Unsigned Artist"

Josiah James has been on regular rotation for Sacramento's premier radio station 100.5 the Zone on the Zone's unsigned night on Sunday Nights. - 100.5 The Zone

"The Christian Rock 20 - CD Review"

Album Review: The Morning Light
By Josiah James

By Paul Gibson | September 13th, 2009 | Posted In Album Review



{Release Date: April 25, 2009}

Sitting around an old flatbed truck, listening to a lone guitarist play is not what I expected when I decided to go to this year’s Tom Fest in Camas, Washington. But, I was astounded by the lack of seats left to see Josiah James play. I had never heard of him until I walked through the merch building and was hailed to a booth being manned by James himself. “Want to listen to my music” he said? So I slapped on a pair of beat-up headphones hooked to an iPod and liked the pop/rock/folk/worship sounds I heard. When I told him I ran a website and radio show he was nice enough to hook me up with a promotional copy of his cd, The Morning Light, and a flier advertising his set the following day.

I made it a point to show up in time to see him on the “Flatbed Stage,” and it was a good thing I arrived early. Shortly before his set started there was very little seating available. He started playing with just himself, an acoustic guitar, and a sampler, which he used to layer his guitar sounds in such a way to give a cool illusion of a full band. I had heard of the likes of Phil Keaggy doing such things, but I had never seen it in person before.

James was able to pull in more than his fair share of passers-by during his set. People wearing shirts featuring bands like As I Lay Dying, The Famine and Haste The Day filed in to watch his set and seemed to be quickly hooked. I am still in shock that he could pull in so many fans of hardcore, metal and screamo. All the while a metal band, who will remain unnamed, played a loud thunderous set less than a quarter mile away.

After getting home and popping in The Morning Light into my iTunes, I discovered to my delight, a great album filled with rich songs, both performed and written with great skill. Unlike his live set, TML does feature a full band, giving it an even bigger sound than his live set. Several people at Tom Fest made the comparison of Switchfoot, which is not far off. I compare his sound to a cross between Switchfoot, The Afters and maybe a worship style band like Delirious or Sonic Flood. Songs like Reaching For The Stars, The Bigger Picture, and The Morning Light have an accessible pop-rock sound, while The Prodigal is a solid audience participation/worship song.

I usually don’t get too much into the softer side of rock, but this album is a must have for people who like The Afters, Switchfoot, Sonic Flood, or just good music. James shouldn’t be an independent act for long. Anyone who can pull a crowd at a festival featuring mostly hardcore and metal acts has my respect and is bound for greater things than the “Flatbed Stage” at Tom Fest.

~Paul Gibson
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All Forgotten Things (2012)
Produced by Colby Wedgeworth

Chasing The Wind EP (2010)
Produced by Colby Wedgeworth & Danny Donnelly

Oceans EP (2010)
Produced by Ralph Stover

The Morning Light (2009)
Produced by Colby Wedgeworth



Hi, my name is Josiah James, and I'm a mess up who loves Jesus and I play music because I believe in something far greater then the emptiness this world has to offer.

I picked up the guitar when I was in junior high and felt strongly that it was a ministry God wanted me to pursue. Most of my high school life was spent home schooled, writing and recording demos and performing at churches and venues across northern California.

My senior year I started touring out of state and selling my demo's to whoever wanted to listen. After my Freshman year of college, I realized I could not juggle writing, recording, touring across the west coast and school. I then released my first full length CD, "The Morning Light", and put off college to start touring full time.

After releasing 2 more Ep's ( Chasing The Wind & Oceans ) and performing around 500 concerts nationwide with various bands/friends ( FUTURE OF FORESTRY, ESTERLYN, LYBECKER, +more ), I decided to take a little time off from the road. The break was a resting period to grow closer to my friends, family, church, and to see what God had for me, whether music related or not.

In September 2011 I felt God putting very strongly on my heart to record a new CD that I wasn't planning on recording till Summer 2012. But after praying about it, and trusting God to provide the funds ( which I was nowhere near having ), I went into the studio with Colby Wedgeworth (The Maine, Ten After Two, Lybecker ) to record a 2nd full length CD, "All Forgotten Things", which was release January 6, 2012.

The idea behind "All Forgotten Things" came from the example of the Christian walk in comparison to Israel. Just like how Israel always forgot God's goodness and faithfulness in saving them and then still turning away from God and towards idols, so we turn away from Him and forgot our true love and joy. The Cd, "All Forgotten Things", is to be looked at a bunch of reminders I need to tell myself and I feel every person needs to know.

Stay tuned via Facebook and Twitter for more updates on tour schedule and what new things are to come! Love you guys!

-Josiah James