Josiah Maki

Josiah Maki


From the heart and soul to the heart and soul.

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Baby Blue

Written By: Josiah Maki

Baby Blue what have they done to you
when you were young you were dancing in the sun
they stole your sky for a bigger piece of pie
have i ever told you why

You give for free but thats a dangerous way to be
free means it doesnt matter much you see
your all alone searching for home
into the cold unknown

I know what its like
when they take your heart and soul
only to be told its not enough
you and me
we got to believe
someday, someday
salvation will come

They assume you'll just play along
play the game as if nothings wrong
but O blue they don't know you like I do
after all that we've been through

Your rivers green your leaves are turning brown
and any fool can see your feeling down
fill their hands with the blood out of your ground
they'd take your heart if it where found

O my baby blue
we've done all we can do
its not up to you anymore
close your eyes and wait for your redemption
someday, someday
salvation will come