Josiah Venter

Josiah Venter

 New Haven, Connecticut, USA

A confident, soulful and raw voice accompanied by honest and fluid lyrics over rhythmic and melodic chords, Josiah Venter's music will hit from the very first note and stay with you. He is refreshing - a voice needed to be heard.


Traversing familiar territory with a guitar case grasped in one hand and an ever-packed suitcase in the other, Josiah Venter embarks upon the colossus of New York. The single “I Want Some Music,� asserts Venter’s baritone/tenor as an awakening new voice bound for the heights of the city’s shake, rattle and roll. The energy radiating from his six-string confirms a genuine folkster, yet a folkster not afraid to call upon Sinatra-inspired showmanship.

A New Haven native, Venter is a troubador who has learned the humble pleasantries of rural Ohio, the cosmopolitan maze of Buenos Aires, and the monotony of cooking eggs in Idaho’s mythical Sun Valley – and now all roads lead to the inspiring streets of Brooklyn. No wonder his 12-song debut full-length It’s About Time covers a wide range of sonic territory.

It’s About Time concentrates over a decade’s worth of guitar and songwriting experimentation. Recorded with a veteran producer and full band at Go-Go Studios in Richmond, Va., It’s About Time traces Venter’s never-ending exploration through a multitude of genres. The funk-laced “Mojo� reassures Venter’s willingness to venture from the ordinary singer-songwriter niche, while “Sawtooth Motel� and “It’s About Time� catch him in the accessible element of singing over glorious acoustic chords.

Set List

Depends on the place I'm playing but I have 30 originals right now and covers range from Neil Young to Elvis to Dave Matthews and Radiohead. Beatles tunes are abundant. I can comfortably and confidently play a two hour show.