Josiah Wordsworth

Josiah Wordsworth



Josiah Wordsworth is a two-piece band comprised of Jordan Slominski (piano) and Andrew Weidner (drums). The duo formed in the fall of 2005 while Slominski and Weidner were both attending McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota. Slominski had a long and exhausting search for a competant drummer that shared a similar musical vision parallel to his own. It was a great time later in which Slominski crossed pathes with the talented and versitile drumming of Weidner.

The duo’s sound lies somewhere in between classical, jazz, and rock genres; however, cannot claim itself to be any single one in particular. Many hours of practices and rehearsals have resulted in the sharp definition of a cross-genre juxtaposition of musical concepts. Josiah Wordsworth weaves together many musical threads that results in a refreshing new sound that is taking audiences by storm.


“Blue State” expands upon Josiah Wordsworth’s foundation of just piano and drums. The album incorporates a much broader landscape of instrumentation, which includes, but is not limited to: harmoniums, string quartets, a mens choir, electronic devices, glockenspiels, etc...

Set List

Josiah Wordsworth has an hour set consisting of all original material.