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The best kept secret in music


"Josie Aiello"

Josie Aiello: Back On The Scene
Interview conducted December 2006 in Chicago, Il, United States
By Jackie Lee King

Three backup singers are warming up in the green room just over the back kitchen of a club on the north side of Chicago. They tighten up harmonies while going over parts for the evening's concert. Still, the star of the show, Josie Aiello is off making sure all of the details of her record release party goes well. Even though she should be resting, Ms Aiello bursts in and begins working the crowd.

The record release party at Marty's in Chicago, IL (her home town) is packed to the gills. Old and new friends, industry professionals and family are all gathered to hear the new songs from the president and CEO of Lady J Entertainment (Josie's own record label).

Aiello is an award winning songwriter that takes her own life issues, ponders tem and then presents them to world. Where I Am, the title track finds Aiello at a cross roads in her career. "I tried to run my life, but it's been running me. Disappointments my friends; who needs enemies. Confused about heaven and scared as hell, yeah I got issues...well," lyrics from Where I Am.

Where I Am has the intensity of her previous release Unkunvenshunal Girl, but chills out vocals with music and incorporates neo-soul with hip-hop, Latin and world beat rhythms. She is multi-talented individual that knows that it takes more than one person to creative a great body of work. From the stage the gives shout outs to producers, songwriters and musicians that have helped her achieve her current project.

Her band comprised of young hungry musicians that walk a spiritual journey with Aiello. She has incorporated some youth members from her church that bring their own musical influences to Josie's style. The Where I Am is more of a group project tan one person's vision. The CD includes local artists: Ladee Flipside, Devin Thompson, Pastor Chris Harris, J. Stokes and Chrystal Harris. Make no mistake, it's all Josie, but she is more like the conductor in this train ride.

Aiello took some time before and after the show to convey where she currently is and where she wants to be. Looking back, Aiello has always been a part of something special. When she was nine years old she worked in her Dad's Sicilian restaurant on the north side of Chicago.

"I would make the salads for the meal. The salad station was just around the corner from a piano in the main dining room. On weekends my older sister would wait tables and sing for tips. One afternoon I told my parents that I wanted sing. They said No, you can't sing, but I was determined and the one time my sister gave me the mic, I never gave it back to her."

Though growing up in a restaurant, she is the fist one to admit that she can't cook. Her talents would flourish elsewhere, and initial persistence to sing carried her along her dream of being a professional singer.

Relocating to Los Angeles Aiello was rewarded with voice over gigs as well as singing in the studio with artist that she had toured with on the road. Some of her voiceovers even made it back to the Midwest in that she can be heard on WNUA 95.5 in some of the station identification spots.

"I was out in LA and my friend Brian Culbertson (A internationally renown keyboard and trombone smooth jazz musician from Decatur, Illinois) and he was doing station ID's and he called me up and said, 'you wanna make some dough?' and I was like yes! (Josie then demonstrates...a vocal hey-a-a-hey...and the stations call letters bringing chills up my spine.) Now you know!"

Spending a number of years in Los Angeles, she developed her own hybrid sound; a Midwestern view with Sicilian roots ala' LA flavor. She continued to fill out other artist harmonies with her backup vocals but expanded her talents to songwriting; which is how she hooked up with Quincy Jones.

"He (Quincy Jones) heard that song (Heavy Heart, written with Henry Mason Jr.) on a demo and saw that I was just going for a publishing deal. And he was like, 'who is singing that song?,' and I said that's me. So I went to his house, but I only had a five song demo. He asked me if I had anything else, but I had just moved out to LA and I didn't have any money for a demo. I then asked if there was a piano around, and he said yeah. So I plunked out a couple of cords for a couple of other songs, and that's how he signed me as an artist. The next day I had a deal faxed to my attorney. That was one song and he just felt that it was a well written song, and I won the USA Songwriting Competition with that."

Aiello was now getting her footing in the LA scene. She was singing duets with Kenny Loggins and featured vocalist on the soundtracks for five movies, Southpark, The Out Of Towners, To The Max (Featuring another Chicago treasure Michael Jordan),That Thing You Do, and most recently seen singing in The Guardian. She had just released her first record Unkunvenshual Girl and now sh - Unrated Magazine

"Josie Aiello"
- Unrated Magazine


Lady J Entertainment
"Where I Am"
2007 CD Release

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Josie Aiello

Born and raised in Chicago, this green-eyed beauty grabbed the microphone from her teenaged sister when she was nine years old, and proceeded to take over the stage at their parents’ Sicilian restaurant. “I knew I wanted to be a recording artist the minute my hand touched that microphone.”

Josie attended Chicago’s prestigious Academy of Performing Arts High School, where she was honored at graduation with the award for Best Senior in the Music Department. She was then asked to be a featured vocalist on Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Starlight Express”, which was produced by Grammy award Producer Phil Ramone.

Josie’s live performances, whether with an acoustic guitar or a rhythm section, clearly illustrate her exceptional ability to capture an audience with her powerful melodies, lyrics, energy and voice.

Josie’s 2000 debut record, Unkunvenshunal Girl, on Qwest/Warner Bros. Records (signed by Quincy Jones), featured twelve of her original songs. She wrote nine with Grammy Award winning producer / songwriter Ashley Ingram (Des’ree). Other notable contributors on the album were Harvey Mason Jr, and hit mixers Chris Fogel (Alanis Morissette) and Mike Shipley (Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks, and Shania Twain).

“I never made a ‘B plan‘,” says Josie. “When I went to LA, I was determined to succeed, so I networked my butt off and sang for hit songwriters and producers like Diane Warren, Brenda Russell, Matthew Wilder, Ricky Martin, Don Henley, Narada Michael Walden, Ramsey Lewis, Joe Cocker, Angela Bofill, Peter Cetera, Bobby Womack, Bebe Winans, Mark Shaiman, James Newton Howard, Stephen Bray and Michael Masser. She was also asked to sing on the soundtracks for That Thing You Do, The Out-of-Towners, South Park, Dinosaur and Hairspray On Broadway, as well as contributing her song “Don’t Give In” to Michael Jordan’s movie To The Max.
She recorded (2) duets on Kenny Loggins CD “It’s About Time”, and was a featured soloist with him on tour...

She also won the 2004 USA Songwriting Competition for 2 of her songs, one in the Pop category “Heavy Heart” and one in the Gospel category “The Call”…

Warner Brothers recording artist Patti Austin recorded her song “Let Me Be Me” on her latest CD.

Currently, she just released her new CD entitled “WHERE I AM” on her own record label “Lady J Entertainment”. She wrote and produced it at her home studio in Chicago.

Josie continually gets calls from Major record labels and Managers to write, arrange and produce for their artists as well.
You might recognize her voice on National TV Commercials for McDonald’s and JC Penney.
Also, on camera singing in the new Kevin Costner / Ashton Kuchtner film “The Guardian” directed by Andrew Davis.

Josie’s artisty takes you on a private journey into her heart and her world, and returns you wanting more...