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Richmond, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Grunge


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"TrueVibes Interview"

Interview Two: Josie McQueen

On August 15, 2013 I sat down for an interview with band Josie McQueen. The band consists of three guys, Aaron on lead vocals and bass, Jesse on back up vocals and guitar, and John on drums. Classifying their genre as alternative, punk, and grunge with a lot of 90’s influence, they formed their band in April of 2012 wanting and “edgy” sounding band name that sounded just right to them. Their first show was June 8, 2012 and they have grown quite a bit since then. Playing shows mostly in Pittsburgh, but also in Morgantown and Philadelphia, they are excited to be able to start touring more often. After briefly being signed to a label, they decided to go back to their independent roots and do things their own way. By self promoting, self recording and self producing, they have been able to create the music they want and give fans some quality music. We learned about their writing process and their upcoming plans. After the interview, we were able to sit in on the bands practice and see just how talented they really are. The energy was high and the passion was evident. Josie McQueen is definitely an original and talented group of dedicated and hardworking guys who you don’t wanna miss out on hearing!
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Twitter: @JosieMcQueen
And make sure to check out the “PICTURES” section for some behind the scenes exclusive pictures from the interview and private practice! Photo credit goes to Shanna Miller. - TrueVibes via Tumblr

"Shed Some Light EP Review"

6/18/2014 0 Comments

Shed Some Light
self-released; 2013

3.6 out of 5

By Ted Rogen
Jesse Weygandt (guitar), Aaron Duda (guitar and vocals), Jon Willard (drums) and Matthew Cooper (bass) make up the alternative rock band Josie McQueen. They formed in 2012 and recently released a five-song EP entitled Shed Some Light, which has high production value and rocks out pretty hard. Truth be told Josie McQueen isn't making songs that are reinventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination but that's’ not really what I think they were trying to do when making these songs. If you want to listen to five well written rock songs with a good amount of energy than this could be your ticket. The technical and creative prowess is notable from each of the members of the band. Duda’s voice usually presides in a high octave that soars while the guitar wail, the drums crash and the bass creates a solid foundation.

The band kicks things off with “Get Lost.” It starts off with a couple of clean guitars being picked and some notable vocal work by Duda. The melody is simple and hypnotic and not before too long the drums and bass are introduced. It doesn't take much time for the band to turn on the distortion and deliver a rocking chorus. The band delivers a heavy dose of pop punk not unlike that of Jimmy Eat World on “Believer” while “Why Are You Down?” delivers the most anthemic chorus on the EP.

The band saves the best for last with “Finished.” I felt the band had this 80’s rock vibe going on during this song. I’m pretty sure it was emanating from the most memorable vocal performance on the album. I couldn't help but rock alongside the band during the chorus when Duda sings “And who do you think you are, where do you think you're going Im not finished with you yet.”

While this music may not be everyone’s cup of tea they do justice to the genre and deliver some solid songs along the way. Shed Some Light is a well-executed EP that showcases the talent of the band. - The Even Ground by: Ted Rogan

"Support Local Music: Josie McQueen"


Support Local Music: Josie McQueen

I'm not one to tell you what kind of music you should be listening to and if you know anything about me, you know I have a schizophrenic taste in music to begin with, but I do want to tell you two things. 1) You should be supporting local music, wherever you are and, 2) Josie McQueen would be a great band for you to start getting in to, especially if you are in the Pittsburgh area.

At the end of December I joined a couple friends to check out Josie McQueen for the first time at Altar Bar. Which oddly enough, I had never been to, but is a really great space especially as a music venue. I'm a big fan of the Pittsburgh trend of turning old churches into bars, it gives them all a fantastic vibe and we might as well be using these great spaces for something! Anyway, I had only heard of Josie McQueen through a friend and was practically begged to go so the band could have a good turnout for their first headlining show. And since I'm never one to turn down a reason to go out on a Friday night or to not show some support for local music, it was pretty much a guarantee that I'd make my way there. I'm really glad I did.

Josie McQueen is easily the best up and coming band in Pittsburgh right now. Hands down. Coming from someone who is all over the board when it comes to music and has every genre listed in my iTunes account, these guys are crazy talented. Their lead singer, Aaron Duda, sounded similar to Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria, which is some form of higher angel that I wouldn't mind listening to all day, while Matt Cooper, Josie's bassist, is quite possibly the most active bass player I've ever seen and jumped around every inch of stage. This four man band is glued together by a sick and steady beat of drummer, Jon Willard, and brought over the edge by lead guitarist, Jesse Weygandt who was not only a little guitar god but had the most epic beard of all time. Again, if you know anything about me, you know how much I appreciate some quality facial hair. Jesse's hand was also bleeding like a beast while playing the show which always makes me want to give someone more props. -

"Josie McQueen Grody Noise EP Review"


Score: 9/10


Alternative rock and pop punk fans, heads up! Newcomer Josie McQueen has arrived with their exciting and angst-ridden EP Grody Noise, available now from Dead Industry Records.

Josie McQueen is an alternative rock band out of Pittsburg, PA made up of vocalist Aaron Duda and guitarist Jesse Weygandt. Grody Noise was recorded with David Klug with session drummer Brian Ganch. The EP features some high energy tunes with elements from classic alternative and punk rock. This makes for a lively feeling that translates well on the stage. The band recently decided to relocate to Richmond, VA to pursue their dream and tour full time. Grody Noise reflects that passion and shows that Josie McQueen is ready to take the next step.

Grody Noise opens up with the high energy “I Could Be Wrong.” Duda’s vocals remind me of Incubus‘ lead singer, Brandon Boyd. Right away, the band’s musical style becomes apparent. Their sound takes me back to early 90’s pop punk, when the genre was still musically clinging tightly to the old 70’s/80’s punk sound while the lyrics paint a more cynical picture. Josie McQueen slows the pace down slightly in “Medicine,” but they ramp up those bitter lyrics that speak of having to do the things that leave a bad taste in the back of your mouth and the frustration that brings. “The Number One” delivers a happy-go-lucky pop punk sound that I’m an unashamed fan of. Lyrically, this is a really strong track that speaks of trying to defend yourself against the emotional turmoil that comes from breaking up with someone who has a cold heart. “Real Solutions” starts off with a real funky bass hook that builds into a song that reminds me of Audioslave. This is an interesting track that tells the struggle of trying to deal with someone who is always making excuses. “Barely Free” features lyrics that tell a story using fairy tale themes, like little lambs and wolves. The band really draws on that classic alternative rock sound in this track. Grody Noise wraps up with “Right Where I Want You,” the EP’s next single. Josie McQueen really captures that feeling of being caught in your own trap in this song.

Grody Noise is available now through iTunes and on the band’s Bandcamp page. It’s also available to stream on YouTube and Spotify, along with the band’s previous EP, Shed Some Light. With so many options, why don’t you take a few minutes to make Josie McQueen part of your alternative rock collection! - Music Existence

"Alt-rockers Josie McQueen discuss lineup changes and revamping their sound before EP release at The Camel tonight"

Josie McQueen, an alternative/grunge rock band formed in 2012, have used the city as a launch pad to accelerate their career and tonight the hard-rocking band will release their third EP at The Camel as part of Radio Rubber Room’s Triple EP release party.

Original members, Jesse Weygandt (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Aaron Duda (Guitar/Leading Vocals) came down to Richmond from their hometown of Pittsburgh with the hopes of finding a more prominent music scene.

“We heard about Richmond from a few different sources,” Weygandt said. “We just moved down here and it’s actually been pretty awesome.”

Their new drummer, Rene Rivera, recently moved up from Florida and joined the band through Craigslist this year.

“Aaron put an ad on Craigslist looking for drummers because we didn’t know anybody in the area or anything and Rene answered before we moved down,” Weygandt said.

The result has been a new foundation in which the band can grow. Both were stoked about the addition of Rivera.

“He’s been one of the best things that’s happened to us since moving down here,” Weygandt said.

Now with the a newly formed band, Josie McQueen could get back to doing what they do best: making music.

The band wrote their latest EP, The Man is a Thief, in only a week and went the DIY route to produce the record.

“The recording process was different this go around,” Weygandt said. “We got done recording everything at our house, we never did it before but I have a Zoom r16 Digital Recorder and Rene has Logic Pro on his laptop so we kind of all put our heads together and did it in the garage or in the house. We’ve been in the studio before, but we’ve never been hands on like this.

After tinkering with their sound a bit, the band finished up the EP sent it out to David Kluf Studio to be mixed and mastered where it was finally finished in February.

The Man is a Thief is a five-track EP and Josie McQueen has already released their first single “Say What You Will” a catchy, alternative tune with a 90s vibe.

The Man is a Thief, the third project from Josie McQueen, is the beginning of a new vision the band has that expands from their second EP, Grody Noise, released in March 2015.

“Coming from Grody Noise, it was just Aaron and I because our bass player before quit so Aaron picked up bass...and then our drummer we wrote Grody Noise together with no drums,” Weygandt said. “To come down here (RVA) and actually be apart of the scene and having Rene being such a huge impact on the band and helping us with everything, it’s actually kind of given us a direction.”

The inspiration from Richmond’s music scene, coupled with a nostalgic passion for 90s grunge rock, helped influence Josie McQueen’s sound. Recently the band has been looking into a lot of Black Keys, Cage the Elephant and Foo Fighters.

“We’re peppering in all different kinds of stuff trying to find different little things we like about everything right now,” Weygandt said.

With “Say What You Will” leading the way, the band's The Man is A Thief looks to be a promising EP.

Currently the band is fundraising for a video for “Say What You Will” with local production company Vertical Sandbox Productions. You can contribute to the indiegogo campaign here.

Josie McQueen is working on June and July dates for shows and plan to tour the Northeast in the near future.

Catch Josie McQueen perform The Man is A Thief today, May 18 at The Camel alongside Turbo Mansion and Solar Tantrums who will also release EPs as part of Radio Rubber Room's Triple EP release show. Physical copies will be available. Doors open at 9:00 P.M. Tickets are free.

Words by Richie Kamtchoum - RVA Mag

"Episode 011 - Josie McQueen"

Episode 011 – Josie McQueen

This week on the podcast, I talk to alternative rock band Josie McQueen! My first time seeing them perform was at The Camel just a few weeks back at what turned out to be a phenomenal quadruple EP release party, perhaps one of the only quadruple EP release parties ever. Seeing them perform, I was immediately blown away by their stage presence and ability to interact fluidly with the audience. That paired with their unique sound and undeniajosieble musical talent resulted in a phenomenal live performance.

Being offered a chance to interview them, I immediately jumped on it. Not only did was I eager to talk about their music, but I was interested in their opinion of Richmond. We cover a variety of topics on this episode, including existing as a musician in a town that isn’t so welcoming (A.K.A. not RVA), honing musical skills over the years, developing a house show venue, songwriting techniques, and the beauty of Richmond’s creative community. These guys are simply awesome people, amazing musicians, and I think it’s safe to say they love RVA as much as RVA loves them! Hope you enjoy it! And save the date for the 4th of July pig roast and festivities on July 2nd at The Josie House! See you there.


Josie McQueen
Listen to the new EP, The Man is a Thief, on Bandcamp!
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The Josie House
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"RVA's Josie McQueen discuss new album 'Organic Machine' and upcoming spring tour"

The first time RVA Mag gave you the scoop on local alt rock band Josie McQueen, they were in the midst of some lineup changes and releasing their debut album.

Now almost a year later, Josie McQueen is planning to release their new album, Organic Machine and embark on a Spring tour throughout the North East.

The Richmond trio, who has roots in Pennsylvania, began working on the eight-track album only about a month ago, working from their own home, known as the “Josie House”. The Josie House was the primary recording space for the members- Jesse Weygandt (guitar), Aaron Duda (bass/vocals) and Rene Rivera (drums) and occasionally hosts house shows for other local artists.

According to the band, Organic Machine takes a creative departure from the band’s first official album, The Man is a Thief.

“This was a different style of writing than we’ve ever done before. We decided to just run through it and just do it as organically as possible,” said Weygandt.

Lead vocalist Aaron Duda started out with 20 pages of lyrics and narrowed it down to the handful that would later comprise the record. He then went in with bass lines for them, and Weygandt and Rivera filled in with the rest.

“It was written in layers,” said Weygandt. “It was cool because everyone had their own time to develop their parts. It was definitely a departure from the original jam band, figure it out was definitely more creative, as to how we developed individually.”

The album’s single, “Broken Mirrors”, exemplifies the band’s direction in developing their sounds as they continue to grow as musicians. “We all keep talking about our favorite but none {of} us can decide,” said Weygandt. “I think we went with that one because it’s driving, it’s attentive, and it makes sense [for it] to represent the album.”

While the band continues to explore their direction creatively, they maintain a core sound that they say listeners will be able to pick up on.

“[Broken Mirrors] is one of the many tracks, the one that gets folks familiar with the Josie sound, a sense of comfort, like “Oh my gosh, that’s the Josie sound”, but at the same time it’s can see the growth and progression of what we’re becoming musically as a band as well,” said Rivera.

Organic Machine tackles a myriad of themes from critiquing our current socio-political climate, to feelings of frustration resulting from deceit and seeking an objective truth. According to the band, discussing their differing perspectives on life took a significant role in how the album developed.

The title Organic Machine also came from discussions about the their life philosophies- and how different people can hold oppositional perspectives that are equally valid. The sentiment harkens back to the last track, “They Say”, where the band expands upon truth-seeking in a society where they’ve been at times misled, by either authority figures, or individuals that they have once looked up to.

While the group recorded the entire album themselves at the Josie House, they collaborated with friend Zack Antonioli from local band the Honest Few.

“He was phenomenal, he took a sound and production seat and helped us stay focused and steer us toward the path of completion and did the mixing,” said Rivera. Mastering was done at local music production studio, Sound of Music Studios.

Catch Josie McQueen’s album release party for Organic Machine and tour kickoff at Capital Ale on Feb. 27th. The mini-tour will take them to Maryland, Pennsylvania for three shows, New Jersey, New York for two dates, and the band will wrap up March 10 in DC.

Copies of the album will be available at Plan 9 Records in Carytown.

Words By Kathy Mendes - RVA Mag



Summer of 2015 brought Josie McQueen to Richmond, Virginia (RVA) to make a mark on the RVA music scene and to find their new drummer. At the same time, the band's current drummer, Rene Rivera, embarked on a similar journey from Florida. Once united, (thanks, Craig’s List) and now with the added power of Rene’s ridiculously high-energy drum skills, this trio formed a new - some might say Super Saiyan - version of Josie McQueen with Aaron on Bass and Vocals, and Jesse on Guitar and Backing Vocals.

With Rene at the helm drumming for Josie McQueen, the band went right to work and within a matter of months, writing, recorded, and releasing the third Josie EP “The Man Is a Thief.”

“I was immediately blown away by their stage presence and ability to interact fluidly with the audience. That paired with their unique sound and undeniable musical talent resulted in a phenomenal live performance.” -Artistic Vision Review Magazine (AVR Mag)

“[T]his powerful rock n’ roll band has a wire-tight sound and some bulletproof alt-rock hooks that’ll have you humming songs like “Say What You Will” for days at a time.” –Drew at RVAMustSeeShow Blog

As the trio rehearsed to solidify their sound, they also successfully renovated a new local hot spot aptly named the Josie House, as well as a DIY Recording Studio. This paved the way for their first full length album “Organic Machine”, released on February, 2017.

"The title Organic Machine also came from discussions about the their life philosophies- and how different people can hold oppositional perspectives that are equally valid. The sentiment harkens back to the last track, “They Say”, where the band expands upon truth-seeking in a society where they’ve been at times misled, by either authority figures, or individuals that they have once looked up to." - Kathy Mendes, RVA Mag

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