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Joslin D Souza -- English Album - The Lone Traveler

November 28, 2006
DaijiWorld News Network - Muscat
Clarence & Ida Pinto

Joslin D Souza, son of Konkani world’s well known composer, accomplished musician and Ye Ye Jezu Mogalla fame Apolinaris D Souza, has presented to the World of Music his very first Solo Album ‘The Lone Traveler’ and the music lovers around the world are enjoying the classic music of this fascinating collection.

"The Lone Traveler" was released on January 16th 2006 on Martin Luther Kings Birthday at Dallas, Texas. It spans from sounds of Contemporary instrumental Compositions with elements of Rock, Pop, Ballads, Jazz, Funk and World Music. The CD also contains the Hit Remix of the title track "The Lone Traveler" Featuring Lauren Lamb on Vocals.

Joslin D'Souza is the second son of Apolinaris and Joyce born in the Sultanate of Oman on 28th March, 1981. He was raised in a musical home from the very beginning and he had perfect inspiration from his father, who is an accomplished musician and church choir director. As a boy, Joslin first started playing by ear at the age of 4 by watching his father play and sing and he learned to play the piano along side his older brother, Jollin. Later, Joslin's first music lesson was with a private school teacher on his 5th birthday which officially started off his musical journey. Joslin's early performances were at church at the age of 6. Again, he followed in the footsteps of his brother, who also began playing at a very young and tender age.

From a very young age, Joslin had a keen ear for music. Until this day he considers his good ear for music as a blessing. "I would not be able to belt out songs on a piano one after the other for about 2 hours or more if I hadn't had a good ear for music. God did a good job bestowing that gift on me". Joslin then began his classical piano training with other teachers and with a musical curriculum under the Royal School of Music, London. For about 6 years after that, Joslin learned different styles of various eras and successfully finished his 8th grade test with high merits and many awards.

It was around this time when Joslin discovered the music of Debussy and Chopin, two composers he feels greatly contributed to his skills. But it was the music and life of Mozart that really got Joslin going on the piano. This was during college years. Joslin says with a broad and beautiful smile on his face - " I am still in awe of his genius and versatility and most importantly, how challenging it is to play his sonatas with subtlety. It's music of composers like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Chopin...and some of today's musicians that have stood the test of time. And, to me, the testament is that with surrender, practice, focus and hard work, it's inevitable for a person not to succeed".

Today, Joslin listens and appreciates great singers, performers, songwriters, as well as closely watching choreographers too. " I really love great performers...If they can pull off their songs on stage like on the record and MORE...they are number one on my list. Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Cliff Richard, Elvis, Def Leppard, Yanni, Dreamtheatre, Van Halen, Celine Dion, the Carpenters, Dire Straits and others are some of my favorite musicians of all time". Music of the 1980's was not all he listened to. He was also influenced by music his parents grew up with, such as Western and Indian, of which the latter was lost somewhere in the middle. But the influence can still be heard in his music. Artists like the Carpenters, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Temptations and few other sounds of Motown all molded Joslin's enjoyment of music and his creativity in the process.

At present, Joslin is doing his music education at the prestigious University of North Texas, Denton. He is working on music in various projects, such as his solo work in Gospel and Rock . But he has not lost his love for good old ballads. Lionel Ritchie, Richard Clayderman, Yanni, and John Tesh are only a few of the musicians who Joslin says influence him in his daily life. "I can definitely call myself a 'balladier,' because I love every form of ballads". For him, it's a journey that's just begun. New chapters and new tunes are in store everyday. As we read this, he is recording and creating new imaginative work.

Joslin’s other achievements:-

1. Composed music for “Ye Ye Jezu Mogalla” Konkani Devotional Hymns CD and “Jivit” Konkani Songs composed for hit Konkani drama ‘Jivit’

2. Rendered an hour of TV programme in Vermont, USA, in 2004.

3. Play back music played for popular Konkani Drama “Xegunnachi Sunn”, in 1996.

4. Participated in International Music Festival held by American British Academy in 1994.

5. Played for Band for Muscat Masala in 1992 – directed by Salima Raza

6. Keyboard player for Casio Musical Instrument promotional event held at Hotel Sheraton in 1992.

7. Won prizes in various music competitions held in Indian School Muscat, Indian Cultural Assosiation, Yamaha/Casio yearly events and concerts in Inter Continental Hotel – Muscat.

In his words Joslin wants to say to all the following :

“Music…. What is it? Where did it come from? Who created it? Why is music what it is today? All who have been given the gift to hear the beautiful sounds of Music know what it is. No one can deny the Music is mind and soul capturing. Every soul on earth listens to Music. From the sounds of nature since the beginning of the world, to the instrument played by the music maestros since early 16th century in the form of classical music, to the digitally mastered sounds that revolve around our lives today. It is a spiritual Mystery. The spirit of Music that moves in all of us makes us to come together in unity whenever it is in our way or around us. It is sign of the CREATOR, who bestowed upon us the choice of which we should think about wisely, and harmonize LIFE.

But there are those who are not given the gift to hear and feel, for them There is a Being that listens and hears their cry, loud and crystal clear. On the whole there is a synchronization that cannot be broken for ultimately it comes back to the creator who gave us Music, who made Music, WHO IS MUSIC !!.

To Buy the Album “LONE TRAVELER” please visit :

- Daiji World, Dubai, UAE


The Lone Traveler ( Now available on itunes, rhapsody, cdbaby and Snocap)
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Joslin's music, has been said to be very inspirational even though it comes from a genuine side of rock n roll. His soft rock sound blends with different genres and is a perfect amalgamation of different styles moulded into one perfect harmony.

Joslin's debut instrumental album is s perfect definition of a contemporary sound. filled with influences from yanni to hard rock, the album spans a good variety over the board.

Joslin is presently working with his new band called Gabriel, on a vocal album featuring the amazing Elizabeth Leonard on vocals. clips of some recordings can be heard in the audio section of the EPK.

His influences include Phil Collins, Dire Straits, Yanni, Gospel, 80s rock, Progressive Rock, Soft Rock and Michael Jackson.