Music makes pictures; as do pictures make music.


Having studied sound design and audio production for over seven years, following his graduation in Music at Brunel University in 2000 he now has over 14 years experience in music and audio, including over 18 credits to date.

Julian has worked with worldwide signed artists, including Johnnie Fiori (Stevie Wonder), Valerie M (Groove Armada/The Freestylers), Craig Walker (Archive), Danny C/ DJ Fabio, Greg Belson (Hightower Set/ Apple Seed/ Blackwater Industries), to name but a few.

Film and TV credits include BBC’s “The Darling Buds of May” (’93), Tiger Aspect “Seaside Parish” (’06), Outline Productions “Sex Sexy” (’05), Inti Wara Yassi “Wildlife Refuge” (’06), Personification Films “Angel Wing” (’06), and various corporate videos.

His sound history also stems into computer gaming, including the long awaited Playstation 2 title, “The Getaway” selling over 240,000 copies worldwide in the first week alone. Latest games projects include Travellors Tails': "Bionicle Hero's", which is soon to be available. Watch the space ;~)

Julian's diverse experience and illustrious past offers boundless possibilities for music composition, production and sound design/ editing.

Looking to future possibilities!!

For further information contact Julian on +447949121811 or email:


Kingsize Records
Creative Source Records
Dust 2 Dust Records
Craig Walker - Universal
Valerie Maxfield
Kevin East
Blunter Brothers
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe - Team Soho
Eidos - Travellers Tails
Kuju Entertainment - Microsoft
Channel 4
Channel 5