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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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"College Crowd thinks Jam Band is, "All That"

Jounce took the stage last Friday night at the Rathskeller (Rat) to a crowd unaware of the band's musical capabilities. Featuring self-described "Jersey Boys" Dan Tambarelli on lead vocals and bass, Matt DeSteno on lead guitar and backup vocals and Joe Ciarallo on drums, Jounce played a montage of impressive guitar-heavy songs that left the crowd speechless.

A handful of the songs featured on Jounce's set list were instrumental, which gave the concert a jam session atmosphere. Songs like "Hypoglycemic" had no vocals but didn't need any either, as Tamberelli and DeSteno rocked out on their guitars and Ciarallo kept the music pumping.

"I want more vocals," Ciarallo said. "None of us are really lyricists. Sometimes the songs become instrumental because they never get written and just become an instrumental song."

Most students filled the Rat anxiously awaiting 'Danny' Tambarelli from Nickelodeon's "The Adventures of Pete and Pete," "Figure it Out" and "All That," but what the audience got was unlike anything they had seen on Nick.

DeSteno spent the night doing some inspiring shredding on his guitar to maintain the songs' enthusiasm and kept the audience entertained with his edgy solos and catchy riffs.

Tambarelli led the vocals for Jounce with his melodic voice that captured the Rat's attention while Ciarallo kept the guitarists' solos in check with his steady beats that had most of the crowd members bobbing their heads or tapping their feet.

Though the specific genre of Jounce is hard to define, it is easy to see that a lot of energy and excitement goes into each note they play.

"There's sort of an improvisational element to it," Ciarallo said. "I played a lot of jazz … Matt played some classical … It just sort of melds into each other. A lot of songs change as we play them live so we can see what works in front of an audience."

Ciarallo added, "The biggest thing we feed off is the crowd. It elevates us; in the moment you don't even realize it."

It was easy to see how Jounce was feeding off the crowd as Tambarelli's dance moves propelled the band's stage presence and DeSteno's facial expressions changed with the tone of the music

DeSteno also utilized several foot pedals to change the sound and, in most cases, the mood of the music. Employing everything from standard distortions to a 'wah' pedal, DeSteno experimented with different sounds that continued to raise the anticipation of the crowd.

Jounce began to form during the members' high school years and got serious during college when, according to DeSteno, they decided to give it a shot. However, they did get plenty of practice in before high school.

"I've always been playing music since I was 11," Tambarelli said. "During 'Pete and Pete' I was playing bass in my dressing room."

Since many of the audience members were unfamiliar with Jounce's music, the audience's excitement rose when Jounce played the two covers of the night: "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones and "Black Betty" by Ram Jam.

Jounce closed its set with a pounding rendition of "Black Betty" that left the crowd wanting more. Luckily, a new album is on its way from the band.

"Our sound has changed a lot," DeSteno said. "We're overdue for another recording (which should happen) in the near future … (Our first album) helped us to get some better gigs and get taken more seriously."

"We all work full-time jobs so we can't work in the area just being musicians," Ciarallo said. "We're going to start recording a new album in spring (and hopefully get) a really cool label, someone to invest in the band. We can do a lot of it on our own online. That's what we really focus on."

Structurally, Jounce's songs remain dynamic as they change time signatures and speeds. A few of Jounce's songs rolled into what the crowd thought was a slow, soulful ending only to break back into a fast tempo and more guitar shredding. With sounds that can resemble Yes meets Bob Marley and song styles resembling Led Zeppelin, Jounce has a sound anyone can enjoy. - The Signal

"Review: Richard Lloyd and Jounce @ LPR"

"the band successfully reinvented itself some years back into a psychedelic, indie rock sort of unit prone to improvisation and a touch of electronica - a jammier Kings of Leon without the southern rock, maybe, or maybe a tie-dyed, pie-eyed Pavement. Whatever it is, it's made them interesting." - Glide Magazine, September 2009

"Jounce at Launch Party"

"By 11:15, when Jounce made their way to the performance floor, Plan B was so packed that they barely had room for their amps and pedals. With the aid of the events staff, they got the room they needed, warmed up, and following a moving intro by Alex, they began playing one of the most up-close-and-personal sets of there young yet experienced careers. They careened in and out of funked up jam sessions and memorable rock riffs to elevate the already amped crowd to an all-new high. At this point I was working the door and watched as previously unaware passer-bys got sucked in and gladly donated 5-bucks to rock out with Jounce and NYCUG!" -, October 2006

"CD Review"

Jounce is an NYC-based band of psychedelic rock not unlike the Kings of Leon. With a haunting lead guitar and unique vocal stylings from all the members, Jounce blends funk, rock, and go-go into a groovy blend. Dating back to the turn of the century, Jounce has certainly paid their dues, touring extensively across the country for the last 6 years. With their self-titled CD, it seems as if their hard work has final paid off. "Jounce" is a good listen, with plenty of jams and experimental elements to appease the groovey side in all of us. -Sarah Davis - The Deli Magazine, February 2007

"Jounce and Green Lemon Score Top Spots in Green Apple Sonicbids Competition"

Wyckoff, NJ's Jounce and Ft. Collins, CO’s Green Lemon have taken top honors in the Green Apple Music & Arts Festival’s Sonicbids competition. The two bands were selected by a team of Relix/ judges from a pool of over 500 artists who submitted their music through Sonicbids. Both artists will perform at Green Apple: Jounce will play April 20 at New York’s Ace of Clubs and Green Lemon will perform April 22 at Chicago’s Kinetic Playground. An additional San Francisco winner will be confirmed in the coming days. As previously reported, the second annual Green Apple Music & Arts festival will take place in Chicago, New York and San Francisco from April 20-22.

-, April 2007

"Jounce Named Finalist in Langerado Sonicbids Competition"

Thank you to all of the bands who entered the 2008 Langerado Sonicbids contest. There were so many talented performers that entered it was a very difficult decision to narrow it down. These 10 bands stood out from the rest and now it’s up to you to choose which lucky group gets the chance of a lifetime-performing at Langerado! The winning band will open up Langerado 2008 on Thursday, March 6th. Voting is open until Monday, February 25th at 11:59pm EST.

- Telepath from Asheville, NC.
- The Gordon Stone Band from Waterbury, VT.
- Latch Key Kid from Los Angeles, CA.
- Sam Kininger Band from Farmington, CT.
- Jounce from New York, NY.
- Suenalo from Miami, FL.
- Wait For Green from Tallahassee, FL.
- The JeanMarie from Miami, FL.
- Palominos from from from Richmond, VA.
- Oceana Gayden and Zenphonic from Nashville, TN.

The winning band will open up Langerado 2008 on Thursday, March 6th at 6pm. -, February 2008

"Jounce bounces into Rowan U."

When I met up with the band Jounce after their show in the Student Center Pit on Saturday night, I had a hard time finding them through the crowd of people waiting to meet them. The band had just finished playing to a crowd of 150 Rowan students, most of who were lined up to meet and take pictures with the band. - The Whit Online (Rowan University student newspaper), October 2008

"Jounce featured in Pitchfork"

“On December 11, Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna, stars of the beloved Nickelodeon show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”, will reunite at the New Haven, Connecticut club Toad’s Place. The occasion: A benefit show for former Miracle Legion frontman and tribute album beneficiary Mark Mulcahy, whose wife recently died. (Mulcahy’s band Polaris was responsible for the “Pete and Pete” theme song.) Maronna will play with Jounce, Tamberelli’s band, and the bill also features Elvis Perkins, Chris Harford, and Fountains of Wayne’s Chris Collingwood.” - Pitchfork, December 2009

"Jounce Headlines Mark Mulcahy Benefit at Toad's Place"

“The prime time moment was when Jounce did “Snacks and Candy.” The song had been promoted in the press as Jounce features Danny Tamberelli—”Little Pete” on The Adventures of Pete & Pete, the classic Nickelodeon TV show for which [Mark] Mulcahy provided the soundtack—and had invited along the show’s “Big Pete,” Mike Maronna to join in on guitar. The Petes turned out to be the big celebrities in the room, and their three-song set (which also included Mulcahy’s “The Heart is Attached” and a Jounce original, “Who Hates the Office”) showcased Tamberelli’s impressive singing voice and the fun he has rockin’ his bass.” - New Haven Advocate, December 2009

"Interview with Danny Tamberelli"

Interview: Dan Tamberelli Of Jounce

Dan Tamberelli is the frontman of a rock band called Jounce based out of New York. You may or may not have heard of them. But I’m sure you’ve heard of Danny Tamberelli, star of your favorite television series as a kid – The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Buzzgrinder recently had the fortunate opportunity to interview Mr. Tamberelli about his experiences on that show, the bands he’s been listening to lately and the band I just told you about, Jounce, that you should probably be listening to as well.

To begin, how would you describe Jounce to people who have never heard of you?
Jounce is a rock band that uses elements of improvisation in the songs. We have a sort of a psychedelic ethos with more focus and direction. We not only improvise linearly, but vertically as well. Think Television meets Kings of Leon.

What made you want to start the band?
We have been playing music together since 8th grade in the jazz band and played in many different groups through high school until we started playing more seriously during senior year. We started playing local NJ clubs where we lied about our age to play and it was all over from there. We played throughout college performing during breaks at each other’s schools. Our drummer Joe went to JMU in Virginia and our guitarist Matt and I went to school in New England so we were able to develop in the southeast and start touring from GA to ME. For me personally, I just knew that this was my true passion playing bass and started playing in bands as soon as I got my first bass in 7th grade.

Are there any plans for a tour anytime soon?
We are working on a spring/summer CD release tour for our new record, These Things that will go up and down the east coast.

What artists have you been listening to lately?
I’m really into the Hold Steady, Yeasayer, My Morning Jacket, Tortoise and in constant rotation any and every Guided By Voices, Television, Stooges and The Clash records.

Some actors sort of resent their fame when they’re trying to break their band but others use it for their advantage. What are your thoughts on that?
It’s different for everyone. Some people use it and it works and some people use it and they get labeled a novelty act and some people don’t mention it at all. I can’t tell you which is the right or wrong way to handle it. With Jounce, we don’t use it to directly promote the band. It’s always going to be there because that’s me, and really it mostly goes around through word of mouth. I’m proud of what I did, but the band is a group effort that we have all put blood, sweat and tears. Jounce is only 1/4th me, so it’s not the way we promote. People know and I get the “Peeeeeteee” shouts once in a while on stage but we’ve been fortunate to get where we have without having to use it.

I would be remiss not to ask you a few things about Pete and Pete. What are your best memories from the show?
In one week I can remember having a jam session with Luscious Jackson and being taught TV Eye by Iggy Pop. I also have a vivid memory of filming in a state park with David Johansen stuck in a lodge telling dirty jokes and talking about the NY Dolls and Buster Poindexter. I guess that these events also helped to push me into the music world. My mom had the uncomfortable situation of being in the same trailer where Michael Stipe was changing as he decided not to use the room, but changed right in front of her. I wasn’t there, but that’s the story I heard.

At the time, was it ever a big deal when any of the numerous guest stars came on set like Debbie Harry, Michael Stipe, David Johansen, Steve Buscemi, Iggy Pop, and etc. and etc.?
It was never a big deal to me at least. I ate lunch with Iggy almost every day he was on the set. Everyone treated me like an adult so I had the pleasure to shoot the shit with all of them.

Do you still keep up with anyone from the cast?
I see Mike (big pete), he’s just over the bridge in Brooklyn. I also keep in touch with some of the crew that live in the NY/NJ area.

Whats next for Jounce?
We’re really behind getting this record out and touring. I think that the record is really great and captures the idea of Jounce and it has taken us a while to get here. Our release date for the record is March 31. We are putting it out on a label that our old keyboard player and I started called Greenfence Records. We have a couple great guests including Marco Benevento from The Duo and Tom Hamilton from American Babies who are great players and we are so thankful to have their services. We also recorded a version of GBV’s The Hardway.
Written by Blake Garris
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7 Responses to “Interview: Dan Tamberelli Of Jounce”


On 02/4/09 11:04 AM, Andrew said:


On 02/4/09 11:08 AM, Andrew said:

Jounce is the best jazz, and rock band out of manhattan since…. the inception of time. I can’t wait to hear the new CD. Everyone should really try to see a show, they are excellent in concert. The drummer is a babe magnet.

On 02/4/09 5:36 PM, Jive Talkin Phil said:

We Love Jounce!
I saw these guys last year at the Wormtown Music festival and it was great. They’ve really come a long way since their early days. I’ve known Danny a long time but have not seen a minute of Pete and Pete so it’s not a novelty thing.

On 02/4/09 6:01 PM, Smick said:

read it and weep, fungus-lick

On 02/4/09 8:32 PM, kyle unzicker said:

would have preferred questions about the mighty ducks instead
(tommy and tammy? anyone?)

On 03/31/09 4:12 PM, natalie said:

Pete and Pete is by far the best tv show ever and am glad that is what the questions were about, however he was also on All That which really was a big deal for my generation, it was (at least for me and my friends) when we all realized we could be funny like adults but without being vulgar. All that aside Jounce is an amazing band, and I can’t wait to get a chance to see them live. They are definitely top played on my iPod.

On 11/12/09 2:46 AM, Taylor Kirkwood said:

Its so moving to see one of your idols going after a shared passion. If i could ever get my band off the ground i would be so honored to share a moment on stage with Jounce… I guess its all in dreams til then.

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- BuzzGrinder Feb 2009


"Meet Me in the Middle" EP -April 2011
"These Things" - March 2009
"Jounce" - June 2006



Jounce is:
Joe Ciarallo, drums
Matt DeSteno, guitar/vocals
Danny Tamberelli, bass/vocals

Unlike other child stars, Danny Tamberelli didn’t wind up with an “E! True Hollywood Story” chronicling self-destructive fits and other mishaps and meltdowns. Tamberelli was 11 when he starred in the quirky Nickelodeon show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.” On the set, the young actor/musician had his amp blown up by Iggy Pop, got served ice-cream from Michael Stipe and traded CD’s with Steve Buscemi.

There has become a strong demand for Jounce and the Nickelodeon series as seen by 2 sellout shows at NY's Bowery Ballroom in Feb 2012 and a most recently as a part of the Fuck Yeah Festival in Los Angeles in late August.

“I’m passionate about acting, but this is what I was doing in the dressing room even then,” says Tamberelli of his love for playing music. “It’s cool to do both, but music has always been my primary outlet.”

Consisting of Tamberelli on bass, Matt DeSteno on guitar, and Joe Ciarallo on drums, with all members contributing vocals, the band is a mainstay at bars, clubs, music halls, colleges and festivals. They are playing increasingly larger rooms including New York’s Highline Ballroom,Gramercy Theater and DC's State Theater.

The band recorded a version of Miracle Legion’s “The Heart is Attached” as part of a compilation album released in September 2009 titled, “Ciao My Shining Star:The Songs of Mark Mulcahy” and dedicated to Miracle Legion front man Mark Mulcahy. The compilation also featured Radioheads’s Thom Yorke, The National, Frank Black of the Pixies and Elvis Perkins, among others. The project was covered by media from Stereogum to Pitchfork.