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Jovonni Pharr, better known as Jovonni (born October 25, 1988 in Portsmouth, Virginia) is an American Rapper, Songwriter, and Entrepreneur. He is widely known as the top selling unsigned artist on So far he has released two independent albums, 2009's "From Then Til Now" which generated over 250,000+ downloads, and 2010's Acclaimed "City Of Sound" which has garnered the attention of major players in the music industry. Jovonni has maintained the most popular Facebook page for an unsigned artist for over a year. He currently partnered up with Fashion Company called Nooka based out of NYC and Japan. He has also embarked upon ventures with Sabit NYC, Root Music, Sol-Monkey, 130 World, a few others. Jovonni has also received numerous press write ups in magazines such as USMI and MV Remix Magazine, blogs such as The Fashion Records and America's Most Underrated Blog, and newspapers such as the Herald-Gazette in Georgia. Jovonni was ranked the #1 top recording artist on in October 2009. Everything he has done to this point has been without any recording contract under his name.

Jovonni has been creating music for 5 years. Raised in the Bronx, New York, one thing that he does different from his competitors is he does not physically write his lyrics down for the songs that he creates; whether they be for himself or others. He mentally stores his songs in his head until it is time to release them in the studio. Jovonni continues to remain in close contact with his fan base through his popular Facebook fan page via live chats, blog posts, and random status updates. Jovonni states "I do not believe in entertainers who do not keep in touch directly with their fans. A lot of people I see reach a certain level and just lose themselves from their fans".

Jovonni pulls the emotion for his songs from his personal experiences. He has been inspired by great entertainers from Frank Sinatra to Jay-z. Jovonni says, "I made my albums not because somebody told me to make them a certain way, but because it just felt like the right thing to do. Everything in my career and the careers of my peers has not been forced, it just simply felt right. My team and I just really knew we could reach a certain level of success without trying to reach out to anybody major. We focused on generating a strong fan base first. Once that came, everything else followed. Every song I ever made was based on something that was happening at that time. The best songs come when that emotion is still freshly felt. I just want the fans to identify with everything I put out because I am not the only one who goes through that type of stuff." Jovonni still continues to pursue his passion for music and big business, embarking upon different ventures with different companies and releasing quality music for the public to embrace.

To this day Jovonni continues to work with his select team, occasionally working with external professionals. He has been invited to tour nationally with big names such as Sammie and Soulja Boy in the Summer of 2010; while still remaining an unsigned artist; a niche he is obviously proud of. -USMI Magazine


From then til Now (2009)
City of Sound (2010)

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