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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Off the Beaten Path - Joy"

Although she may not be "off the beaten path" for the Lafayette students fortunate enough to see the live show she gave on campus two weeks ago, Joy certainly is in need of her big break that is sure to come soon. The description on Joy's MySpace that a music is a "mix of emo, soul, and rock" is hard to believe for a label-obsessed culture, but upon listening fully to her debut album, Set Free, it really is easy to identify each of these eclectic genres throughout the album.

The first song, "Set Free," is a lively rock, yet jazzy anthem that barely contains Joy's booming, soulful vocals. This and other harder, upbeat rock tunes are contrasted by the quiet and poignant R&B melodies "Sweet Words" and "Puzzle." The wide range of influences heard in Joy's music truly make the entire album an interesting listen, and Joy constantly surprises with which direction her next song tak - The Laf - Lafeyette College News Paper

"The BandStand - Joy"

If you ever find yourself at a Joy live show, prepare to be rollercoastered through mu-
sic genres and a spectrum of emotions. Taking influence from emo, soul, and rock,
Joy’s songs stem from introspective thoughts and refl ections on life. Matching her
eclectic style of songwriting with a tight back up band that provides the grooves for every
mood, makes Joy a sure-fire crowd pleaser and killer live act.
Joy describes herself as “bona fide Jersey girl with Boston’s flare and Southern roots.”
And one can only hear that in her music. She’s got a rock edge and hip/hop flavor that only the big city can give you but switch to a Soul/Motown track and you can hear the
sweet tea and collard greens in her voice.
You can get Joy’s EP, Set Free, from, or To get a taste of Joy’s music without spending any moolah, you can also find her on myspace.
- The Groove - Berklee College of Music NewsPaper


Set Free Sampler Demo
Set Free The Album - Release Date: Sept. 23rd 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


In every generation there is an artist who pushes industry standards and musical tastes to the limits, and Joy is such an artist. With an unusual and eclectic mix of emo, soul, and rock, this amazing singer/songwriter offers listeners a musicality far beyond her twenty years. Her music is beautifully constructed lyrically and musically to explore the complexities of the human spirit.

The full length debut album Set Free(Release Date: September 23, 2006) is both an artistic and contemporary achievement: musicians can appreciate the layering of genres to create a fresh sound and music fans can expect an album that they will listen to again and again. Each song opens with memorable hooks that “take no prisoners” with their excellence. The first single “Lovers Rock”, with its strong and edgy lyrics, has strong overtones of genres such as Motown and blues and explores different sounds with its varied instrumentation. The title track “Set Free” sets the stage with its rock motifs and soulful vocal arrangements. “Losing You’s” touching and human message of loss is reflected in Joy’s raw vocals and piano accompaniment.

Set Free will be available in stores, select online retailers, and on Joy’s official website. Be Encouraged and Keep On Rockin!