I write my music with Bruno Santoro. This is our passion and so our songs are fantasy,sacrifice,love,time,life,fears,difficulties,dreams and many more. To sing is all I want.


Influences: Shania Twain,Gloria Estefan,Rihanna.

I started to sing when I was a baby.Then when I was about 14 I started to be a member of many bands,when I was 17,I met Bruno Santoro and with him I started to sing in pubs,restaurants,weddings...
Few years later I started to write songs.


2009 Singles:
- "Shake" (Joy-C ft. Alex
Natale & Fluid Deluxe)
produced by "New Music"
- "Con tu sonrisa" (Joy)
produced by "1st Pop"

Both songs have been programmed on radio in Italy.