Joyce Cooling

Joyce Cooling


Joyce Cooling, jazz guitarist, vocalist and songwriter has thrilled fans around the world for years. Joyce is known for her hooky instrumentals, vocals and colorful body-moving sound. Joyce's newest CD, Global Cooling", was released April 2009.


Joyce Cooling, contemporary jazz guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, release her seventh studio album, “Global Cooling”, on April 07, 2009.
Joyce is best known for her eclectic style and colorful body-moving sound and is recognized as one of the most dynamic and popular contemporary jazz guitarists in the world.

Global Cooling is a stunning collection of danceable jazz and features colorful, body-moving sounds that take you on a fantastic journey.
"We were inspired to travel into uncharted territory, so Jay and I really stretched ourselves to get our passports in order! I also wanted the music to reach out to different people and touch on different moods. It's eclectic - you can dance to it, you can trance to it. It's up to you."

The songs on Global Cooling embody places, feelings and thoughts. Tracks like "Cobra" and "The Red Rose” paint sound-scapes of exotic lands. Other songs are born of ideas and concepts near and dear to Joyce. In particular, the title track, “Global Cooling,” and "We Can" are driven by Joyce's love of things universal.
"I no longer think of people as individual islands. We all live on the same hunk of rock. Jay and I wanted to make music in the spirit of that interconnectedness that I like to call our global neighborhood. There is a ripple effect from any thought or action. You reach out and help one person in the smallest way and you have indirectly helped everyone. The reciprocal works as well. If something toxic gets dumped in someone else's backyard, it's only a matter of weeks before it ends up in yours. Although not a new idea, I feel compelled to keep the concept front and center.”

Joyce is deeply inspired by the potential for people all over the world to feel motivated to talk and think and act in new and wonderful ways – aware of their shared path.
Global Cooling is the perfect soundtrack for the trek.

Global Cooling is like taking a transcontinental flight, touching down lightly in fun, exciting and beautiful places. Joyce Cooling - soulful, funky, always original. Global Cooling is the ascendancy of both an artist and an art. It's a trip - and, like life, is one worth taking.

Joyce is a national advocate for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Joyce has performed at the NAMI National and regional events all across the country. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of "Revolving Door" and "Global Cooling" will be donated to NAMI.

Joyce has recorded 6 CDs (3 major labels and 3 indies) - five of which charted on Billboard. She has to her credit two #1 radio singles, six top 10 and 13 charting singles in all, and has garnered multiple music awards including the Gibson Best Jazz Guitarist of the Year and Best New Talent in the Jazziz Reader’s Poll. She was a nominee for the California
Music Awards, the Oasis Awards and the Gavin Contemporary Jazz Artist of the Year.



Global Cooling (2009)Label Group 2 Productions
• Release Date April 7, 2009

It's Feeling Like Christmas (2008) Label: Group 2 Productions
• Radio Charting Christmas single

Revolving Door (2006) Label:Narada/ Blue Note
• Billboard charting CD
• First single (“Mildred’s Attraction”) most added list
• Charting single (“Mildred’s Attraction”) – R&R
• Second charting single (“At The Modern”) – R&R
• Best Jazz Performance Winner – 2007 Bay Area Black Music Awards
• Third charting single (“Cool of the Night”)
• A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Revolving Door are donated directly to NAMI

This Girl’s Got To Play (2004) Label:Narada Jazz
•#1 most added single (“Expression”) – contemporary jazz radio and R&R charts
• Top 10 single (“Expression”) – R&R
• Second charting single (“Camelback”) – R&R
• Billboard Top 10 – This Girl’s Got To Play
• Top 10 – Smooth Jazz charts

Third Wish (2001) Label: GRP/ Verve
•#1 most added track in the country (“Mm Mm Good” featuring Al Jarreau) – contemporary jazz radio and R&R chart
• Top 10 radio single (“Mm Mm Good”) – R&R
• Second charting radio single (“Daddy-O”) – #1 most added track on contemporary jazz radio and R&R charts
• Best Jazz Artist nominee – California Music Awards 2002
• Best Female Artist of the Year nominee – Smooth Jazz Awards 2002
• Best Guitarist of the Year nominee – Smooth Jazz Awards 2002

Keeping Cool (1999) Label: Heads Up
•#1 single in the country (“Callie”) – R&R NAC and Smooth Jazz Trax charts.
• Top Ten single (“Before Dawn”) – Gavin and R&R
• Best Jazz Guitarist of the year – Gibson Guitar Awards
• Third charting radio single (“Coasting”) – R&R
• Best female artist of the year nominee – 1st Annual Oasis Awards

Playing It Cool (1997) Label: Heads Up
•#1 CD in the country for five consecutive weeks – R&R and Gavin NAC and Smooth Jazz charts
•#1 single in the country (“South Of Market”) for five consecutive weeks – R&R
• Gavin Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year nominee
• Best New Talent (Smooth Jazz) – Jazziz Readers Poll
• Top 15 Single (“After Hours”) – R&R and Gavin
• Third charting single (“Imagine That”) – R&R and Gavin
• Jazz Trax Debut Artist of the Year

Cameo (1988, 1989, 1990) Label: Nucleus Records
• Artist produced and released debut CD
• Received major west coast airplay and widespread US critical acclaim (Gavin Report, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner)
• CD and single (“It’s You”) received widespread recognition and critical acclaim in Asia and especially in Japan

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