Joycehotels music contains tender piano loopholes, dreamy soundscapes, jawbreaking minimalism, heartstopping rythms and horrific violence for the dancefloor


JOYCEHOTEL are ready with the follow up to last years critically aclaimed debutalbum JOYCEHOTEL This time the band have decided to keep the process between the four of them to create LIMITS. The album is recorded by Bo Karlsson and produced by Kristian Funder. The songs are all written by vocalist/guitarist/organist Funder and are adjusted and solved in the rehearsal room which makes way for a more homogenic feel. It is still a dark universe but the sound is more open and contains more layers and textures than before. Every bandmember finding new ways of approaching various instruments. JOYCEHOTEL have also been experimenting with psycho acoustics and various recording technics to give every song its organic identity. LIMITS is an album made by a band more than it is fragments put together in a recordingstudio.


2005: Joycehotel - Joycehotel - MMD
2007 : Limits - Joycehotel - MMD Release 16th of June

Set List

60-90 mins 10-15 tracks