Joy Davis

Joy Davis

 Mandurah, Western Australia, AUS

“All I want to do is write soul and soulful sounding songs for other artists - to write original music that tries hard to live up to the greats and doesn’t make them turn in their graves.
(And maybe perform myself if my voice is good enough).”


There was a girl who one day around the tender age of 32 listened to the piano music her mother used to play her as lullabies as a child. Somehow she was able to start writing songs, mostly lyrics to begin with, and very fortunately for her, her first real song called “Miss the Magic Music”, a soulful hip hop number, made it to the finals of the Australian Songwriters Association (ASA) Awards in 2005 (entered as “Where did Mozart and Co Go?”).
She fell in love with Etta James, Ray Charles, The Beatles, Nat King Cole, INXS, John Butler and many others. Growing up in an extreme religious group, most music except classical and church styles was banned, so it felt like the world came alive through music in her early 30s. As a child she loved listening to the radio down low, but it didn't have the same effect on her as listening in a full room much later on.
She wrote a very little rock ditty called “Altered State of Existence” and this reached the Semi Finals of the ASA Awards in 2006.
Then at the end of 2009, a soulful r ’n b song called “The Music in People”, which has always needed collaborating with, reached the Semi Finals at the UK Songwriting Contest.
Her latest song "Waiting on a Song" is a soulful, modern croon which she began writing 5ish years ago after watching the blue estuary near where she lives. She can't afford professional demos or instruments but hopes the music will be there in the voice recording she has made.
She has also just finished writing an explosive soul number called "I am a Rolling Stone", which she began writing in 2009 and which would suit an artist with lots of soul, such as Jennifer Hudson or MJB when she is singing songs like "One".


Miss the Magic Music (Where did Mozart & co go?)

Written By: Joy Davis

Miss the Magic Music
(Where did Mozart & co go?)
(slow hip hop/rap)

miss the Magic Music
each stupendous moment
in your veiny fingers

it’s left swaying memories
lapping, slapping
licking, stinging

this Alive sadness

pinch me again, I’m real

seering, intensely, under the surface
Little what Life
sounds of you Slowly suiciding
without the Magic Music

that’s a legacy
that’s a legacy

where did Mozart & Co go?

it’s still all there
floating in my heady heart
deadened, deafening
“scatterbrained smartypants (!)”

‘...somewhere out there
beneath a blacked out sky...’
but where did you go?
Marilyn-your-very-own-Monroe of the p-i-a-n-o

how did you get
so thr-o-wn over?

throwing it all under
the wheels
of a life support machine

that’s a legacy
that’s a legacy
I can, can’t, can go near it…

but in the meantime, `verb up even the echoes
rewind, and play me some Magic Music

play me some Magic Music
play me some Magic Music
play me some Magic Music...

© Joy Davis 2005

Waiting on a Song

Written By: Joy Davis

Waiting on a song to come
That's where you and me are longing.
Waiting on song to come
Until a song comes along.

Waiting on a song to come
We're standing there watching hundreds of swansongs.
Waiting on song to come
Until a song comes along.

My body and my mind
Say we should spend some time
"Writing" together.

So if I wait all day
What will you become, will you come to me?
Will you be mine forever?

And oh, I don't want to just hear you in digital.
I want to feel you all close and personal.

For in this process of osmosis
Are we only meant to be
The embodiment, the embodiment of a song?

Oh I'll be waiting on a song
Waiting on a song.
I'll be waiting on a song.

Oh I'll be waiting on a song.
I'll be waiting on a song
On a song.